coming attractions include:

I was playing with my toys on the table but then mama moved the differently colouredy shapes & put these new toys in front of me instead.  I put them in my mouth like I do with everything but it wasn’t as easy as envelopes or leaves, and I took them out again just like i do with my other toys too.  You can see my green square in the bottom of the picture.  Its the same colour as the new stuff.

Once I got them all where they belong onto the floor, she gave me another thing.  I liked it a lot, and with my one tooth and my gums I got some of it to stay in my mouth for a while.  Then when I was done with it,  I didn’t put it on the floor, mama finished it.

trying it out for size

I got a lovely new chair to go with all the other things I sit in – the rocker, the jumperoo, the bumbo, the car seat, the buggy the parents laps.  I think I fit pretty well.  Mama didn’t think i’d be able to go in it for a bit longer, but I got really good at sitting there the past couple of weeks, so Daddy built this while Mama was at her friend’s party last night.

I’m not sure why I need another chair.  When I was in it earlier, Mama was sitting at the table like me and she was playing like I do putting things in front of her in her mouth.  She said I could have the same things soon.

I hope Tyra the meowcat can get up this high so I can still give her rubs like when I’m in the bumbo.