breakfasty breakthrough

Each morning, one of us drags ourselves out of bed sometime between 6 (bad day) & 730 (good day) to tend to the small boy. Some days, the earlier ones mostly, I’ll confess I make myself a cup of tea & try to make him watch Bob the Builder. All I need is a glamorous makeover & my parenting would be just like Betty from Mad Men: “Bobby, Sally, go watch tv!” Well, that and swap the tea for wine…

So breakfast isn’t our most enthusiastic meal. As adults we tend to eat the same breakfast habitually. Me, its cereal and tea first and toast and a banana maybe an hour later (or in work when those days return). But you’re supposed to get baby used to a variety of foods, and breakfast is where we’ve found this hard, mostly due to bleary-eyed parents & an unenthusiastic eater. Mark piped up that maybe Dom’s like him and doesn’t eat early. I’m damned if I’m raising a human that doesn’t eat breakfast. Hello! Most important meal of day!

There’s a theory that you have to offer a baby food 10-15 times before they really decide if they like/dislike it. There’s a study, its out there. This is because babies like familiar foods so get them used to it & they’ll like it, or they really won’t? I dunno, its pretty disheartening the first 9 times a child refuses something. Anyway,
I’ve made porridge pancakes – thick porridge cooked with blueberries, left to set, cut into strips. We’ve given him barely wet mini oatibix. Chunks of banana. Toast. Bit of nectarine. Rice cake. Any of the usual things he might eat. He just likes to do swiping on to the floor.

Yesterday I noticed Dom stare at my lunch over his for the first time. He had cheese & cucumber, which he was ignoring. I had a sesame bagel with cheese, leaves, cucumber & tomato. I handed him a chunk of cucumber from mine, he had a go of it, then whimpered in my direction again. I gave him some tomato, which he sucked and mushed & licked, delighted with himself. So this morning, we shared a bowl of oatibix. It worked. He squished the little nuggets in his fist & gummed away on them. Finally! Breakfast! And as you can see, quite happy about it!


exact same dinners

BLW has been going from strength to strength this past week, especially at home. He’s not as into it out and about, but thats because he’s so nosy he’s too busy too feed full stop. Sure he has to look at EVERYTHING thats happening. I made some sugar free banana bread. Except i made it in muffin form so i could bring them with me. Tried to feed him one while I was in a coffee shop earlier and by the end it just looked like i was an incredibly messy eater & had spilt my muffin everywhere. Also I was self concious and wanted to shout, “Its sugar free! I made it myself! I’m not giving the baby cake honest!”

So this evening for dinner, we had the first every fully proper family dinner – a Antonio Carluccio recipe, Pasta with courgette sauce & spinach balls. We all had the exact same thing, with some slight adjustments to the recipe. I didn’t season the mix with salt. I used wholemeal breadcrumbs. And yes, I did include one green chili. I used fusili pasta as its easier for Dom to pick up. I pureed the sauce, not for any baby-friendly reason, but because it looked to me like a pan of grated courgette in olive oil and blitzed it was much creamier.

Dom had 2 of the spinach balls – actual ingestion rate of maybe 25%. He grabbed the first one and shoved it straight in. And his sometimes hard to please father even proclaimed it “proper veggie comfort food”. (vegetarian cooking is something we have many many many slightly heated discussions about). So, winner all round!

This week I also found this blog, My Daddy Cooks, about a guy who’s been mostly in charge of his son’s BLW. Hopefully its going to be an inspiration in this house ūüôā
– jill

spoon feeding

i don’t see whats wrong with spoon feeding at all. sure i can do it myself now. the spoon makes a great noise as well when i bash it about. i have to do that because mama doesn’t take it off me to fill it up fast enough. Natural yogurt is very tasty i musta had about 6 spoons of it, but you can see a lot went on my face. Also I have anabel karmels cheese & tomato & basil mush on me, I sucked it off pitta & then put some on my forehead too because why not?

here’s a link to a quick video of me feeding myself too. sure i barely need that mama one at all anymore.

spoon feeding from Jill Jordan on Vimeo.


Ladies & Gentlemen we have a winner

I kept meaning to cook them for him but we’ve not had sweet potatoes for ages. Then last week I remembered, and some lunchtime wedges went down a treat with both of us. I had salt on mine, and a sneaky sprite zero under the table while I was at it. I do think i’m going to have to improve some of my eating habits in front of Dom, for his sake and mine!

Anyway, I think they represented the first proper consumption of food. He’s gone very good at picking the food up & getting it straight to his mouth, and the skin on the wedges was naturally grippy, despite the olive oil. Also, the flesh goes soft enough to fall off at even his mildest gumming on it. He did squish a couple at first that made them impossible to hold onto after that, but his ability to recognise how gently or otherwise he needs to hold a piece of food is improving no end too.

Swings & roundabouts – from no food to this in a week – i’m only delirah!

Guess who’s back?

I wasn’t having any of it there for a bit. Mama kept trying things, things she knew I ate before, but I just didn’t feel like it. I’ve been having my milk as usual from mama but I showed daddy a good bit of my midnight feast bottle last night straight away after he gave it to me.

I tried telling her she’s not supposed to worry about me having a few days off my fud – that’s one of the things about baby led weaning – but I cant say any words yet. But she tried me with one of them purees. It’s lovely, I had some myself there last week, but I didn’t want any solids, and there’s no point trying to shovel it into me either, I know how to fasten up my mouth so nuttin’ gets in.

She brought me to the doctor this morning. The nice lady had a cold thing all over my front and back, and a light in my ears, and a stick in my mouth that made me gag like when I try and eat Cody the cat’s whole arm*

The doctor said I was fine except for the konjunk…congeunt…pink eye. So I immediately cheered up today then and decided I wasn’t even going to wait til I was in my special chair for eating. I had nice brown bread with almond butter and I had a good chew on it too so I did. I think it was mama’s snack but sure she can get herself another one.

Then when I napped mama made hummous, which I had with some carrot & pitta at dinnertime. I’ll have more tomorrow I reckon, maybe on a rice cake.

*Cody is cat soft toy not one of the real ones. But I’m sure he’ll try eat their arms by next year.

Hunger strike

There’s been an all out food strike for the last 4 days. He won’t even acknowledge it so I have to. Apples, bananas, nectarine, carrot, broccoli, weetabix, porridge, butternut squash, rice cake, toast, almond butter…all were offered, none were so much as licked or sniffed at.

Actually he sucked on some apple in a baby safe feeder, but that was it.

He’s got a cold, and gooey eyes (conjunctivitis it turns out) and cannot be bothered with anything but usual milk feeds.

During this time he also made me miss a meal, at my friends wedding. He point blank refused a bottle & had a hissy fit on his poor Mamm√≥ who had to call us at bedtime with an SOS. Luckily I hadn’t hit the booze just in case of this, so off I toddled to sit feeding my son in my childhood bedroom while my friends tucked into their monkfish & tasty winez. I returned to the party about 90 mins later, then the whole scenario replayed itself at 1am, and off stumbled Mark into a taxi to administer a bottle.

I just keep repeating the mantra “this is what we signed up for”.


One of Doms clear favourites so far has been well scrambled egg, so I gave it to him for the 2nd time today. Oh the fickleness… Or maybe he just discovered that it can be more fun to throw the dish on the ground than explore it’s contents.

I stuck a chunky finger of mature red cheddar in there too and he’d a good go of that. I’d much rather him develop a taste for real cheese than have to start buying easi-singles. That was his first dairy consumption. He’s had a cold this past week & I didn’t want to make him more bunged up. Dairy doesn’t affect me like that, but he’s only ickle.

He loves toast too. And pitta. And ricecake. Hmm, clear love of carbs, wonder where he got that from.

a week in fud.

Well i’ve been very busy gumming, gnawing, licking, refusing & swiping onto the floor this past week.¬† There’s not been too much proper eating going on, but i’ve been sneezing and my nose is running all the time, and i got needles at the doctor for my half-year birthday.¬† So all that made me not into my fud that much.

Mama has made me porridge twice for breakfast.¬† She makes it for herself, then shares it with me. She eats from a bowl with a spoon, but I get it chilled & cut into strips.¬† They call it “porridge pancakes”.¬† Tell you though, call it what you like, I’m not bothered.¬† Daddy doesn’t like porridge much because he had it in a school every day for ages.¬†¬† Maybe I learned it from him.¬† Its good for you though, but everything I eat is good for me I’m told.¬† It is fun, I can make it go on the ground, and then mama has to clean it up.*

For the first time, instead of just giving me bits and pieces of food, we all had the zact same dinner Рfalafel, pitta, hummous & cucumber.  Mama & daddy have it all together in one go, but i have it in seperate bits. Falafel are fun they squash really well.  I tried everything but mostly I just had fun.

Because that went well, Daddy did some cooking for me.¬† He makes a curried butternut squash dinner mama loves and she thought i’d like it too**. She was right, so now there’s several portions in the freezer for me too.

My favourite new thing was this evening – scrambled egg.¬† Daddy did it in the microwave, not like the cheesey, salty version they do for themselves.¬† I was able to hold it really well, and eat bits.¬† It was lovely with my wholemeal toasty soldiers.¬† Mama gave me courgette from her plate too.¬† And I liked it a lot, so I think she’ll be doing some more of that for me soon.

*I made it one day with grated apple & cinnamon, and another day with raspberries & blueberries.

**The only thing he did different was add almonds at the end for us and leave them out for Dom