day 2 in the foody house

more green fud.  mama said not all of it is green, but that the green things are generally good for you.  I don’t really care if it’s good or bad, it’s fun.  I ate avocado 2 days in a row.  can you see I’m only in my nappy & a bib.  I suppose I don’t really need the bib.

first I took it and smushed it around. it was slippery and hard to hold.   i made a lot of noise & I had a good taste of it.  the next day mama mashed it before I got a chance to and put it on some brown stuff she called pitta.  i licked a lot of the avocado, and then i made the pitta fall apart.

Since we were on such a roll, mama decided it was time for daddy to see my new tricks. we all had the same things for our dinner.  by dinnertime mama had got me special new bibs to catch some food.  I showed him the way I’m gone good at tasting and licking and making a mess really quickly.


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