eating carrot in Ikea

I went to Ikea today with mama and that Auntie Fiona one today.  I got to sit in the famous Antilop highchair.  Though i think its only famous to mama who reads everything about babies on the internet.  I ate carrot & cucumber while they chatted and drank tea and coffee and ate muffins.

Mama says to daddy that they should be eating the same as me and setting a good example, but I see her all day and she eats all kinds of things that I don’t get to eat, like chipsticks and chocolate biscuits.  As soon as I can reach them i’m going to try them too if she doesn’t stop me.  Auntie Caca wanted to give me cake at KK’s birthday party picnic yesterday but mama said no.  I think she’ll say no a lot.  Caca bought me a smashing new sunhat to the picnic too, i’ll have to do a pose in it.  I do like presents.

Then for dinner I ate straight from the table.  I think Mama’s already fed up of extra washing up. I had avocado, green bean & broccoli. 

After a bit I decided I wanted to hang out with daddy, and we ate green beans together.  He might be a better influence than mama for eating.  I hear he has 2 dinners sometimes.


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