a week in fud.

Well i’ve been very busy gumming, gnawing, licking, refusing & swiping onto the floor this past week.  There’s not been too much proper eating going on, but i’ve been sneezing and my nose is running all the time, and i got needles at the doctor for my half-year birthday.  So all that made me not into my fud that much.

Mama has made me porridge twice for breakfast.  She makes it for herself, then shares it with me. She eats from a bowl with a spoon, but I get it chilled & cut into strips.  They call it “porridge pancakes”.  Tell you though, call it what you like, I’m not bothered.  Daddy doesn’t like porridge much because he had it in a school every day for ages.   Maybe I learned it from him.  Its good for you though, but everything I eat is good for me I’m told.  It is fun, I can make it go on the ground, and then mama has to clean it up.*

For the first time, instead of just giving me bits and pieces of food, we all had the zact same dinner – falafel, pitta, hummous & cucumber.  Mama & daddy have it all together in one go, but i have it in seperate bits. Falafel are fun they squash really well.  I tried everything but mostly I just had fun.

Because that went well, Daddy did some cooking for me.  He makes a curried butternut squash dinner mama loves and she thought i’d like it too**. She was right, so now there’s several portions in the freezer for me too.

My favourite new thing was this evening – scrambled egg.  Daddy did it in the microwave, not like the cheesey, salty version they do for themselves.  I was able to hold it really well, and eat bits.  It was lovely with my wholemeal toasty soldiers.  Mama gave me courgette from her plate too.  And I liked it a lot, so I think she’ll be doing some more of that for me soon.

*I made it one day with grated apple & cinnamon, and another day with raspberries & blueberries.

**The only thing he did different was add almonds at the end for us and leave them out for Dom


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