Guess who’s back?

I wasn’t having any of it there for a bit. Mama kept trying things, things she knew I ate before, but I just didn’t feel like it. I’ve been having my milk as usual from mama but I showed daddy a good bit of my midnight feast bottle last night straight away after he gave it to me.

I tried telling her she’s not supposed to worry about me having a few days off my fud – that’s one of the things about baby led weaning – but I cant say any words yet. But she tried me with one of them purees. It’s lovely, I had some myself there last week, but I didn’t want any solids, and there’s no point trying to shovel it into me either, I know how to fasten up my mouth so nuttin’ gets in.

She brought me to the doctor this morning. The nice lady had a cold thing all over my front and back, and a light in my ears, and a stick in my mouth that made me gag like when I try and eat Cody the cat’s whole arm*

The doctor said I was fine except for the konjunk…congeunt…pink eye. So I immediately cheered up today then and decided I wasn’t even going to wait til I was in my special chair for eating. I had nice brown bread with almond butter and I had a good chew on it too so I did. I think it was mama’s snack but sure she can get herself another one.

Then when I napped mama made hummous, which I had with some carrot & pitta at dinnertime. I’ll have more tomorrow I reckon, maybe on a rice cake.

*Cody is cat soft toy not one of the real ones. But I’m sure he’ll try eat their arms by next year.


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