Hunger strike

There’s been an all out food strike for the last 4 days. He won’t even acknowledge it so I have to. Apples, bananas, nectarine, carrot, broccoli, weetabix, porridge, butternut squash, rice cake, toast, almond butter…all were offered, none were so much as licked or sniffed at.

Actually he sucked on some apple in a baby safe feeder, but that was it.

He’s got a cold, and gooey eyes (conjunctivitis it turns out) and cannot be bothered with anything but usual milk feeds.

During this time he also made me miss a meal, at my friends wedding. He point blank refused a bottle & had a hissy fit on his poor Mammó who had to call us at bedtime with an SOS. Luckily I hadn’t hit the booze just in case of this, so off I toddled to sit feeding my son in my childhood bedroom while my friends tucked into their monkfish & tasty winez. I returned to the party about 90 mins later, then the whole scenario replayed itself at 1am, and off stumbled Mark into a taxi to administer a bottle.

I just keep repeating the mantra “this is what we signed up for”.


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