Ladies & Gentlemen we have a winner

I kept meaning to cook them for him but we’ve not had sweet potatoes for ages. Then last week I remembered, and some lunchtime wedges went down a treat with both of us. I had salt on mine, and a sneaky sprite zero under the table while I was at it. I do think i’m going to have to improve some of my eating habits in front of Dom, for his sake and mine!

Anyway, I think they represented the first proper consumption of food. He’s gone very good at picking the food up & getting it straight to his mouth, and the skin on the wedges was naturally grippy, despite the olive oil. Also, the flesh goes soft enough to fall off at even his mildest gumming on it. He did squish a couple at first that made them impossible to hold onto after that, but his ability to recognise how gently or otherwise he needs to hold a piece of food is improving no end too.

Swings & roundabouts – from no food to this in a week – i’m only delirah!


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