exact same dinners

BLW has been going from strength to strength this past week, especially at home. He’s not as into it out and about, but thats because he’s so nosy he’s too busy too feed full stop. Sure he has to look at EVERYTHING thats happening. I made some sugar free banana bread. Except i made it in muffin form so i could bring them with me. Tried to feed him one while I was in a coffee shop earlier and by the end it just looked like i was an incredibly messy eater & had spilt my muffin everywhere. Also I was self concious and wanted to shout, “Its sugar free! I made it myself! I’m not giving the baby cake honest!”

So this evening for dinner, we had the first every fully proper family dinner – a Antonio Carluccio recipe, Pasta with courgette sauce & spinach balls. We all had the exact same thing, with some slight adjustments to the recipe. I didn’t season the mix with salt. I used wholemeal breadcrumbs. And yes, I did include one green chili. I used fusili pasta as its easier for Dom to pick up. I pureed the sauce, not for any baby-friendly reason, but because it looked to me like a pan of grated courgette in olive oil and blitzed it was much creamier.

Dom had 2 of the spinach balls – actual ingestion rate of maybe 25%. He grabbed the first one and shoved it straight in. And his sometimes hard to please father even proclaimed it “proper veggie comfort food”. (vegetarian cooking is something we have many many many slightly heated discussions about). So, winner all round!

This week I also found this blog, My Daddy Cooks, about a guy who’s been mostly in charge of his son’s BLW. Hopefully its going to be an inspiration in this house πŸ™‚
– jill


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