breakfasty breakthrough

Each morning, one of us drags ourselves out of bed sometime between 6 (bad day) & 730 (good day) to tend to the small boy. Some days, the earlier ones mostly, I’ll confess I make myself a cup of tea & try to make him watch Bob the Builder. All I need is a glamorous makeover & my parenting would be just like Betty from Mad Men: “Bobby, Sally, go watch tv!” Well, that and swap the tea for wine…

So breakfast isn’t our most enthusiastic meal. As adults we tend to eat the same breakfast habitually. Me, its cereal and tea first and toast and a banana maybe an hour later (or in work when those days return). But you’re supposed to get baby used to a variety of foods, and breakfast is where we’ve found this hard, mostly due to bleary-eyed parents & an unenthusiastic eater. Mark piped up that maybe Dom’s like him and doesn’t eat early. I’m damned if I’m raising a human that doesn’t eat breakfast. Hello! Most important meal of day!

There’s a theory that you have to offer a baby food 10-15 times before they really decide if they like/dislike it. There’s a study, its out there. This is because babies like familiar foods so get them used to it & they’ll like it, or they really won’t? I dunno, its pretty disheartening the first 9 times a child refuses something. Anyway,
I’ve made porridge pancakes – thick porridge cooked with blueberries, left to set, cut into strips. We’ve given him barely wet mini oatibix. Chunks of banana. Toast. Bit of nectarine. Rice cake. Any of the usual things he might eat. He just likes to do swiping on to the floor.

Yesterday I noticed Dom stare at my lunch over his for the first time. He had cheese & cucumber, which he was ignoring. I had a sesame bagel with cheese, leaves, cucumber & tomato. I handed him a chunk of cucumber from mine, he had a go of it, then whimpered in my direction again. I gave him some tomato, which he sucked and mushed & licked, delighted with himself. So this morning, we shared a bowl of oatibix. It worked. He squished the little nuggets in his fist & gummed away on them. Finally! Breakfast! And as you can see, quite happy about it!



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