New tastes. Mama a bit sad.

3 cheers for other BLW’s.  Dom had some of his beloved (well he loved it that once) pasta-with-courgette-sauce-and-spinach-balls for lunch there and happily wolfed it again.  Excuse his hair, it looks like I’ve just taken his rollers out.  He’s a fluffy headed child no doubt about it.

The recipes on the offical Baby Led Weaning forum are great.  I’ve thought sometimes when I’ve read them, hmm, how on earth is he going to eat that. And then he shows me:  Mama, what are hands made for!?

It’s the bolognaise part of this lentil lasagne recipe. So good for all of us – lentils & kidney beans for protein, spinach for iron, and all the rest of the lovely tastes – onion, tomato, herbs.  Was delighted with myself for offering this up in nutrition terms, and it was a parental team effort too.  Bonus is the recipe made enough for 4 adult dinners, 4 baby dinners and a batch to freeze to make the actual lasagne from!  It’s oranginess meant an early bath for Dom.

Now, the hard part.  Most people know I’m vegetarian for the last 15 years.  In fact by this Christmas I’ll have spent more time being veggie than not being veggie.  No meat, fish, jellies or marshmallows (keep meaning to buy such sweet treats here at sweet and sara or here at scrumptious sweets Or if anyone wants to do that for me, that’d be fine too.)  Anyway, we’re a Percy Pig free house, in every sense.  However, I’ve never forced veggieness on anyone, as husbag is oft reminded when he moans about veggie cooking being too hard to make interesting etc etc.  We had 5 years of discussing whether we’d bring up our  hypothetical child as a vegetarian.  Now that child is a reality-child, I chose not to fight that battle.  He will hopefully, like his mama did, see sense & become vegetarian.  And I will buy him Thats Why We Don’t Eat Animals, so that he has a balanced viewpoint.

We were at a friends house this weekend eating an outdoor buffet lunch.  Such is the sophistication of the baby led weaning baby, and the laziness of its parents that it can partake in the adult food also.  Brown bread & hummous! yay!  Cheese! yay! cucumber & tomato from the salad! yay!  chicken…oh, wait.  He had some chicken.  He fairly nommed it too.  So I held up my hands, and offered full rein to the da over Dom’s meaty-eatin’ ways.  Last night, a chicken roasted in our oven.  This has never happened in any oven of mine.

And this evening, together, father & son partook in some chicken salad together. Dom ate some in what can only be described as iceberg style.  95% in his cheeks, 5% sticking out.  His 3 teeth did their best, but the chicken won this time and had to be pulled out.  I handed over some tomato and it was squished and sucked and taken out and put back in and whimpered for.

All is not lost my child, all is not lost.



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