hello there!

mama says lots of new people are watching what i eat now and that i’d better be good and eat all my grub. well i’ll show her sure isn’t baby led weaning all about me eating ‘zactly what i like and leaving fud if i don’t want to finish it?

silly mama…

– dom


3 thoughts on “hello there!

  1. Hi Dom,

    So what’s this food thing all about anyway? I just turned the big 6 M and my mama has started handing me these slippery, sticky toys that break off in my mouth and make me gag. Our dogs like them a lot though. And I like the dogs. So maybe there’s something in it?!
    Also mama says she recognises some of your aunties and wonders if your mama is a former CSer?


  2. yep! she is indeed. i’m also very good at communicating and i’m only 7 months old. who needs college?

    my cats only got interested this week when daddy made me chicken. they don’t seem interested in cheese and lentils…


  3. your cats are obviously more discerning than my dogs. Dougal had my discarded slice of melon this morning. He ate the skin and everything.


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