fistfuls of fud

At the start Dom experimented with picking up food himself. Pieces of mango & avocado shot sloppily through his tightly closed fist. Long soldiers of toast stuck out the bottom end of his paw while he tried in vain to eat the the 2mm that stuck out at the top end. Then, over time, he’s learned that different types of food require different amounts of pressure to hold them properly, and how to use one hand to guide the other towards his mouth. I was puzzled for a bit about how to get him to eat mushy food, and one good way is to use other foods as dippers – conduits for the good stuff. So, sticks of pitta with huge chunks of hummous/mashed banana/avocado on them help, but there’s always the fear that he will just nom on carbs happily til the cows come home.
The pre-loaded spoon works well, but as soon as he’s decided he’s done, the spoon gets de-loaded all over the place, and the spoon often ends up in the cats’ bed.  Recently, as seen with the lentil bolognaise he’s become quite adept at just picking up soft food and getting it in there.

Last night we had a creamy leek pasta for dinner. We (ahem, actually Mark made this) did use salted butter, but we added no more salt – well, I did, at the table – and only a tiny bit of parmesan. We also used wholewheat fusilli. I know you’re not supposed to use added salt in under ones food, but given I know exactly what he eats and the lack of processed food in his diet I’m really not worried about the tiny bit of salt that he does consume.

Apart from one incident when early on Dom picked up the plate & dropped it all on the ground it was a good new food experience. Luckily we tend to make big dinners with plenty for seconds. I love leek as an ingredient but of course, creamy buttery cheesy sauce pretty much makes everything tasty.

It turns out, even slippery strands of leek can be coaxed out between the fingers of a clenched fist.
Though, it does kinda look like he might be practising a bit of pincer gripping with his index finger & thumb under there. I’ll admit I am a little scared of encouraging the pincer grip, I’m guessing its going to bring a whole new bout of gagging as he tries smaller firmer foods. That’s for another day, or month, though.



2 thoughts on “fistfuls of fud

  1. Thanks for the recipe suggestions. They both sound really yummy. Though you don’t mention whether Dom enjoyed the white wine in his creamy leek sauce… 😉


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