back to school weather

Mama is very happy this week.  She is going to bootcamp as much as possible and I like that because I get to play with my friends, especially Rían.  But sometimes when we’re out playing on our rugs, all my friends move away from me.  I don’t know how they do it, sometimes I fall over onto my front when I’m sitting up and I kick my leggies but I can’t move and I screech til Mama picks me up. Mama calls it crawling, and keeps telling everyone that my playroom is a death trap and all the things she’ll have to fix up when I can do it.  Except she keeps calling it the living room, I’ll have to correct her when I can talk. That’s a long way off.

Anyway the lovely sunny days are great for eating outside.  I can eat anywhere, just put me in a good chair and give me one of my special bowls and away I go.  This was me a couple of weeks ago.  I ignored the sun and the cats and everything while I had a good look at my parsnip.  And then I ate it up.

– Dom


One thought on “back to school weather

  1. Nice work Dom. At bootcamp my version of baby led weaning is eatin stuffed animals like my robot toy…yum yum! Not tinny tastin at all…Rían


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