mini heart attack on the mini break.

Well the whole family trooped off to the wesht at the weekend for a little break.  Okay, the cats stayed home.  They had to guard the house. It was early mornings & early nights due to us all sharing a room again.  But it was lovely and relaxing for us all.  Dom ate well for the most part,  probably because we fitted 3 swims in in under 48 hours.

On the first night, we ate in the bar of the 12 Hotel in Bearna.  Dom had slept the whole way down to Galway so we thought we’d take our chances with staying out a bit later than bedtime.  Oh bedtime wasn’t the issue.  We’d the first proper gag/puke incident.  So, eh, there’s no photo of that. But here he is, before it happened…

They had lovely wooden sturdy highchairs there, no slumping, and no propping required.  But they were also the type with no tray, which is fine because thats just like our beloved tripp trapp, and yet they weren’t anywhere near tall enough for the tables there.  I’m guessing whoever ordered them for the bar (and when I say bar, they’ve an extensive and very nice food menu and it’s very family friendly – there’s lots of highchairs available) doesn’t have a small child.  Fine for a small kid being spoon fed, but not great beyond that.

We decided Dom could have his first chip.  *shock* *horror* Someone call Jamie Oliver, I’m poisoning the child!  Once we saw they were big fat fluffy potatoey wedges with skins still on, and not some sort of overseasoned reconsituted fries we reckoned we weren’t going to be making him screech for McDonalds just yet.  So he did really well, he seemed to be enjoying it, and then he went quiet.  And then a bit spluttery, and a bit red.  If we’d been at home I’d have been calm and cool.  Understandably I didn’t want the situation to escalate, especially in a public place.  I’m kinda kicking myself, because I really do think he was dealing with it.  He was coughing, and that always has worked.  I think it was his initial pause that freaked me out.  So I stuck my little finger in to hook out the food and as I did, he threw up some of the previous milk feed, and little lump of fluffy spud.  Had I not stuck my finger in, I think he would have puked anyway, and at home I would have given it another 2 or 3 seconds before I intervened.

It unnerved me a bit, because we’ve been *fingers crossed* quite lucky with Dom so far in that he isn’t a big gagger.

But little incidents like this help I guess – he might learn what he can and can’t manage size wise, and to use his 4 little teeth to chew more and I need to be alert and aware that it isn’t plain sailing. But persevere we will, it can’t turn us off the whole BLW concept because at some point puree fed babies have to progress to textured food, and finger food so all babies have to go through these physical challenges at some point.

– Jill


3 thoughts on “mini heart attack on the mini break.

  1. **sympathies**
    I have _almost_ mastered the art of sitting on my hands and counting to 3, while maintaining some semblance of chirpy mummy making chewing faces at Blánaid. It’s TOUGH though! However my resolve was renewed there at the weekend when a friend of Billy’s had to bring his daughter to hospital after choking on a piece of chicken. Said daughter is 14months and was puree fed, but incidentally she wasn’t choking, she had gagged. Anxious Daddy jumped up and stuck his fingers in, shoving the piece of chicken down further. What happened next was fairly dramatic, but thankfully the little girl is fine. She was referred on to temple st. to see if any damage had been done to her throat (by the finger, not the chicken!). Hand sitting has gone much better since. 🙂
    I’m still embarrassed if she gags in public though, because I do feel like ppl are staring at me feeding my baby inappropriate things and allowing her to choke on them.
    Dom’s doing fantastic, to have tried so many foods and not been gaggy. 🙂


  2. OM & G! I don’t know whether to feel sorry for baby or daddy more in that scenario. As we’ve been getting more adventurous, and Dom’s taking bigger bites the redface-then-cough-then-fine thing has been happening more frequently. In fact sometimes his cough turns into a languid yawn, like, nothing to see here! I sit there making gurning chewy faces too – state of us…

    But yeah, lets just have to deal with these things sooner rather than later if its going to happen at all – it’s probably easier to manage with an under 1 yo than a wilful toddler too. I guess its genuinely more dangerous in an older baby, as the gag reflex moves further back then its closer to an actual choking scenario than in an 8 month old. Sometimes when Dominic is fussing like he can’t quite work out how to deal with the food, you can see it right there on his tongue so it’s obvious it’s not anything to worry about immediately.

    That dad needs to perfect the hooking food out with a little finger method rather than the jabbing food down method – poor guy, he must have had some fright!


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