hotel living FTW

At home when I have breakfast it’s like this:

dada – oatibix & natural yogurt or scrambled egg on toast

mama – porridge, with berries if we have them. some of mama’s toast.

On holidays its like this: porridge, weetabix, some toast, watermelon, egg, apple, apricot.  I especially liked apricot. it was yummo. Mama robbed some more for me to eat later.  I saw her take pastries too, and then dada took some of them, but I never got any.  Dunno how that happened.

Mama was happy too, the nice lady who brought the tea and toast washed my bowl and brought it back clean and shiny to use again.

I also loved it because apart from all the swimming pool there was a swing and I could see the sea while I was on it which I haven’t seen before.   Mammó’s house is near the sea though so I’m going to go there lots when I’m bigger.

I’m going on more holidays next week, with mama and mammó, but dada’s staying at home so he will be on his own holiday from me.  I think he’ll miss me though because I wake him up every morning at about 4 so we can spend some time together because mama has me all day and I like to see dada on my own too.

– Dom


6 thoughts on “hotel living FTW

  1. Dom, what type of yogurt does your Mama give you because mine wants to give me some but can’t find any that’s not low fat or full of sugar 😦



  2. i buy any of yeo valley, the aldi organic one, or glenisk. Also I buy regular small tubs, not the large ones, because it takes a 2 or 3 of sittings to get through one, and I try and stick to low fat for myself.

    Dom LOVES natural yogurt. I’m going to have to go look at the sugar content, I just presumed natural yogurt=grand, oops!


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