about time

My mammy eye went off the ball there for a minute.  Dom has 5 teeth, and before now I didn’t really think about the whole oral hygiene thing that hard.So today, he acquired his very first toothbrush.  I thought there might be a gagging and general annoyance when we tried it out, but turns out baby led weaning has yet another plus!  After a good examine of it he stuck the brush straight in and gave his gums and 5 toothypegs a good going over.  I guess he’s so used to managing the spoon himself now that it didn’t seem that different.  Except without the foody goodness.  Good thing I’ve carrot soup on the go now to remedy that…

– Jill


2 thoughts on “about time

  1. My mummy used a rubber one on my gums and first teeth and she just changed over to a baby toothbrush with a tiny bit of baby toothpaste a few weeks ago – very exciting!


  2. So there is a proper ickle baby toothpaste? The toothpaste selection was all for older ones in the Dunnes I was in but I presume it was just poor selection. It’s hard to keep up with all the things we need, especially when they’re popping the teeth out so quick!


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