first refusal

Ah cosmopolitan Ireland.  Full of unseasonal asparagus and soya this and soya that, and most importantly sun dried tomatoes.   Well not for young Dominic.  Nose was turned up at a pilaf type dinner (we do a lot of makey-uppy recipes) with wild red rice, courgette, onion, green pepper & sundried tomatoes.  I am going to try him on tomato-less leftovers as I think the sharpness (may have been too salty in hindsight, they were the rehydrated ones rather than in oil ones) of the tomato put him off the whole thing.  He tucked into an oatcake & a couple of segments of clementine instead.

Not without a bit of drama first though.


2 thoughts on “first refusal

  1. I share Dom’s feelings towards sundried tomatoes 🙂 And green pepper too, for what it’s worth!

    Love the blog – will be getting Zoë started on solids soon and love reading all about your little man’s adventures in eating 🙂


    1. oh my god is she that age already!? am back to work in a few weeks mind so there’s no denying times a passing.

      Green pepper is a bit crap isn’t it, compared to it’s red/orange/yellow friends. Still, has to be used…


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