Full of ennui

Organix courgette & chicken with wholegrain rice. Sounds nice eh?  I bought a few readymade thingys for Dom for handyness – for holidays like when I was in Mayo with mum and for various busy days.  I haven’t had any success with them at all.  Trouble is I can’t taste them all to work out it if it’s nice at all (non-veggie ones obvs).  This one looks okay – I can see the actual food, its quite lumpy.  He’s refused it being offered about 4 times now hot or cold.

Ella’s Lentil & Vegetable Bake. Wasn’t gone on this either.  It’s much smoother than the Organix thing though both are 7 months plus.

That’s all I’ve tried him with in fairness.  I don’t mind really when he refuses bits and pieces of our food, I can always adjust a recipe, and I know there’ll be trial and error. I’d like to hit on a couple of the decent pre-made ones that he likes for my own sake but I don’t want to have to go buying all round me only to be rejected.  Also we went to the cinema & did a few messages in Dundrum today so we had to stop for lunch.  I had to pack snacks, pieces of apple, cheese & mango as well as the Organix dinner because I wasn’t sure he’d take it.  Kinda defeats the purpose.


3 thoughts on “Full of ennui

  1. Have you tried Ella’s Kitchen or the Plum brand, both organic, all natural stuff?They have great stuff. Maybe try starting him on one of their veg ones?? Rían loves them!


  2. We had a lot of success with Hipp foods. Sigrid especially liked the spaghetti with mozzarella and tomato sauce, and one with courgettes we found when we were in England.

    Also, Ella’s fruit smoothies were like heroine to her for a while, although she never liked Ella’s more savory options.

    Good luck finding a go-to something, it really helps. The funny thing for us was that the few veggie jarred foods we could find, Sigrid LOVED and stopped wanting my own food. So she basically had vegetable “lasagne” mush every day for months. I panicked, but now here we are at 1.5 and she never has jarred food and her palette is expanding again. Indian lentils and rice the other night, which was big news for our little eater!


  3. one of the above was ellas. I must look at the Plum & Hipp ones too because there’s not that many veggie ones within each brand – think i’ve only tried Organix & Ellas. I know Dom’s not technically veggie, but the less meat I feed him the better frankly.

    Its so great when they eat lentils, or kidney beans and the like, and babies do really seem to like them. I don’t think I ate a lentil til I was about 20, and they’re just so good for you!

    The irony is, I’m worrying about the ready meals to take when we’re off to italy, home of fab food. Think I’ll have him try his first pizza there 🙂


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