Baby Led Weaning Cookbook – Shepherd’s Pie

I reckon a good ongoing project for the blog is to catalogue our cooking experiments from the brand new hot off the presses Baby Led Weaning Cookbook.

We started off with Shepherd’s Pie

Now, I’m a divil for ingredient replacement.  And naturally, I wasn’t going to be using lamb, so I used half Linda McCartney Mince & half kidney beans.  So I thought I better stick to the rest of the recipe faithfully.  Husband was dispatched to buy our first ever swede.    The recipe was simple enough to follow but I will say I was was watching the mounting washing-up with a resigned eye.  I never have the 4 rings going at once on the hob!

What kind of shepherd would put his lambs in a pie anyway?

In an unprecedented act of organised ma-ness, I made twice the amount of filling, and froze half.  Also, I wouldn’t recommend tackling this when you come in from work – like I said it’s not hard, but it takes a while, including a half hour in the oven at the end.  And I can’t promise I won’t skip swede for more carrot next time.  Actually in terms of ingredient replacement, the BLW cookbook encourages such flexibility and often offers variants and optional ingredients.  Suits me so!

I also decided this was a good time to intro the fork into Dom’s cutlery arsenal.  Lots of good stabby food in the pie.  Turns out fistfuls is still the way to go for now though.


fork thing weird, take it back.



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