Baby Led Weaning Cookbook – Tomato Chicken

This was such a simple dish.  I’m not sure I’m going to convince Mark to blog about food ala My Daddy Cooks so I don’t know how useful me blogging about meaty dishes will be.

This was a particularly simple dish.  We were pretty confident serving it up as we know Dominic loves tomato, and he’s fairly into his chicken too.  He’s coming round to red meat too though, according to the creche.  In fact, his minder asked me in a half worried tone the other day if I’d noticed his appetite increase.  He used to eat about half the amount of the other baby’s portions, and about an hour after them, til one day he started to screech when he saw the little girl there being fed.  He gets dinner at lunchtime then we generally try and give him a blw type dinner in the evening too if its not a grab-n-nuke soup from the freezer evening.  Two Dinners Dominic we’re calling him, a nickname passed down from father to son after the infamous time Mark ate both offerings at a wedding in a particularly nice foodie hotel.

There’s a clear reason for the new found savagery – forward motion.  He’s flying around the place now.  He even has a new foodie interest which I’m really not pleased about – the cats’ food bowls.  Argh!  This morning alone I took him away from their bowl 3 times in under 2 minutes.  My heart is broke, but it’s amazing to see how quickly he went from 0-60, and how quickly it affected his food intake.  We currently reducing bottle sizes too during the day, he’s just not as interested.

So anyway, the tomatoey chicken…  It’s a good one for putting together when you get in after work because it doesn’t need much monitoring, and goes well with rice.  I’d say you could mash up a bit of spud into the sauce too, for pre-loaded spoons.

Not the best review in the world. But what can I say, I didn’t make it or eat it!



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