cooking on the hoof

this bit is all going on the floor

You’d think we’d were there aprons on, cookbook propped up day in day out.  Well, okay, maybe not.  Most of the time, its sigh, open the fridge and pull random vegetables out.  One thing I’ve really come to love making is stir fries.  For ages I would just cover the veg in soy & sweet chilli sauces, until I realised how easy it is to make nice quick sauces.  One particular favourite is from a vegetarian blog I love  – Adventures in Veg.  She puts me to shame with my 15 years ‘experience’!   I never thought I liked nut butter til I tried this sauce – now we have cashew, peanut & almond nut butters in the cupboard.    (All make a great protein rich snack on rice cakes or toast for jnr.).


Stir fries can also be changed up with different carby accompaniments.  Basmati or brown rice, or one of a million types of noodles. I keep a good stock of noodles – you can get really cheap packets in Asian shops – when I’m nearby I like either the one at the worst Luas stop in Dublin, aka Jervis, or at one on Drury St.  I’ve can’t find the brand online, so here’s a crappy photo of the ones we particularly like.  They come in loads of varieties – I love the buckwheat ones, but we’ve none at the moment.  Above you can see how the son & heir (to a multibillion euro debt) utterly rejected his noodles.  They all went to the floor, untasted.  I can’t really object when he’s eating broccoli with such gusto. Another day my son, another day.

– jill


5 thoughts on “cooking on the hoof

  1. Sigrid and Dominic would make the perfect pair. She’ll eat his noodles, he’ll eat her broccoli. So awesome that he loves the veg!


  2. i’m wondering when he’ll ‘have a hang on a second, these are VEGETABLES. us small people don’t like these things’ moment. I’m guessing its a toddler thing, so we’ve another few months of not having to trick him!
    he LOVES pasta/bread etc, i think he just hasn’t worked out what to do with noodles!


    1. Never tried cuttin them up. That sounds like a plan actually – less noodle loss! he scoops up a load of them now, has a look at them & then drops them in a big bundle


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