Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Beef Goulash

Uh oh spaghetti oh.  This post has nothing to do with spaghetti.  It has to do with my messing up the dinner.  Once more the baby-daddy was making a meaty feast.  (He’s cooked more meat in the last 3 months than he has in the last 7 years as far as I can work out).

So all was going well for the Goulash. It was a great recipe for us, as the beef was the only ingredient we didn’t have in the cupboard.  I chopped the veg & laid out everything else for Mark to start the cooking.  Well, sure we didn’t have paprika.  We’d 2 types of chili powder and cayenne pepper.  I put the cayenne out on the counter…

Another simple dish to prepare – the shepherds pie was by far the most time consuming dish so far – 15 mins on the pan, followed by 90 mins in the oven.  Mark knew the cayenne would be hotter and put in just a half teaspoon.  Still no good.  He said it was really tasty, but it was  quite lip tingling.  He added extra natural yogurt and creme fraiche to cool down the boy’s portion. Dom tried it, and after 2 tries was rubbing his mouth with his arm.  So it’s left overs for Marks lunch tomorrow so!  But he says he’ll definitely make it again – it was quick and very tasty, just with some paprika next time.

– jill


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