Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Moroccan ‘chicken’

We’re only flying through the cookbook.  Okay, so we’ve done about 5 recipes now.  I’ve decided to give the poultry section a go, using Quorn Chicken Style Pieces.  I’ve been eating these for years – probably about 13 year now i think of it (eek!).  Until quite recently they were just ‘Quorn Pieces’, until they realised they could market them as a low fat diety alternative to chicken.  I don’t tend towards fake meat – I like vegetarian sausages that are sausage shaped but full of veggie flavours rather than fake sausage meat.  I hate pretend deli-meat slices.  In my annual trip to Burger King (generally in an airport) I like to get a Veggie Whopper.  They’re my very occasional vice.  But after an earlier experiment with Quorn Beef Style Pieces, they’ve been ditched too.  The Chicken Style ones:  yummers.

Moroccan 'chicken'

So the key thing so far, apart from the labour intensive Shepherd’s Pie, is that all the recipes have been pretty simple.  I had everything in the cupboard/fridge that I needed for this except coriander.  I’ve bought so many fresh coriander plants that I’ve not managed to keep alive past 2 days that I’ve given in and bought a tube of fresh chopped coriander to keep in the fridge.  Okay, there’s some additives in there, but its Australian, they’re fierce healthy right?

I'll see you later

This is definitely a repeat make.  Dom seems to like gnawing on courgettes, and his little pincer grip was tested with rolling chickpeas.  We didn’t get to evaluate its success fully – he threw up the whole thing about an hour later.  It wasn’t my cooking, honest!  (I was sick earlier that day, so we were sharing a delightful stomach bug  It knocked him for six for 24 hours and he did some hardcore napping for the next few days while he recovered.)

Still, I can tell you leftover Moroccan ‘chicken’ makes a lovely lunch!

– Jill


2 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Moroccan ‘chicken’

    1. I doubt you did anything wrong. I’ve definitely adjusted my palate since Dominic really starting eating the same as us. I’m trying bits of spice for him but between low salt stock & tiny amounts of chilli I’m getting more used to bland food. So now im a divil for grinding pepper & lashing on the maldon sea salt to nearly everything on my olate, which is a bad habit to get in to. I always try to cook rice with herbs/lemon juice etc to add more flavour to meals I’m wary about.

      I think it made a good lunch because I always find stews & curries tend to be more flavoursome the next day.


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