Beans beans they’re good for your heart…

I don’t like baked beans.  Well, I don’t like baked beans in a can. but I do like beans and I do like tomatoey stuff, so something doesn’t add up. The texture? The beans are squidgy and kinda crumbly.  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine tweeted that he was making homemade baked beans.  And so inspired I went off in search of a recipe.  Damn there is a lot of lard & bacon laden baked beans recipes out there. They mostly seem to be from the American southern states.  Why can’t you just keep an inherently healthy meal healthy dudes?  So I came across this Tana Ramsay recipe.

The only adaptations were pinto not haricot beans, because they were what I had, and no Worcestershire sauce cos it ain’t vegetarian.  I don’t even know what that tastes like.  Anyone know what a veg-friendly substitute might be?

full o' beans

These were such a handy thing to have in the fridge, I had them for lunch in work, for a saturday brunch on a bagel, and Dom loved them.  He ate them off toast, he ate some from a fork and he enjoyed picking them out of the bowl and making a beany-tomatoey mess.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how much sooner I would have given them to him than I did  (about 11 months).  They’re certainly firmer than tinned baked beans, and they could present a choking hazard so you might want to wait til over a year, or make a call yourself on how able baby is for them.  And obvs, supervise him.


Xmas eats, Pt 2

you! loyal subject! fetch more fud!

Do you like my hat? We all wore them while we ate our dinner.  I got lots of new things (duplo, wheelybug, wooden activity cube, animal socks, my first converse like mama and dada) and we wore hats for dinner.  It was a funny day, but I didn’t let that get in the way of my eating.  Everyone went ahead and ate without me first, I had to have a sleep I was so tired from playing and entertaining my Oma, Opa, Uncle Peter & Auntie Rachel and the neighbours.  Then when they ate their dessert (I don’t know what it was but I bet it wasn’t as nice as yogurt) I ate my dinner.   Oma put aside food for me because otherwise they might eat it all and I’d have none.  I had turkey and I had parnsips, and mashed potato and carrots.  Do you see my fork in the photo? I like eating from that, but mama and dada have to put thing on it first.

The next day we went to my Auntie Lisa’s house.  That’s the loud house.  Or at least it is when me and all my cousins are there.  We all ate another big dinner and I saw mama drink lots of bubbly stuff but I just had my water.  She’s allowed now because I have a bottle when I go to bed.  My little cousin Ross who’s only just started eating ate a big lump of parsnip like I would.  He must have seen me.  My dada tried to take it from him after he had it in his mouth for ages.  He wasn’t happy about that.  He likes broccoli too.  I’m going to show him how it’s done.


Xmas eats, Pt 1

In this festive season of constant snacking & overflowing plates, Dominic has not been shy to join in. His usual rotating meals of stirfrys, soups and pastas are for a few days at least being replaced with Oma’s cooking. Oma is an excellent cook, catering for herself (coeliac), Opa (diabetic), her own (not particularly fussy) children, me (vegetarian) and her beloved grandson with what looks like minimal stress. Lucky for her he is following the path taken by her middle child and trying just about anything.

Today he ate appley porridge at home, toast on the go in his Great-Uncle Alfie’s house, and soup when he arrived at Oma and Opa’s. He snacked on some sugar free banana bread (BLW cookbook) then proceeded to try dinner from both his parents plates – buckwheat galette with cheese, spinach & tomato from mama, beef stew & mashed potato from dada.

I predict gout for him by new years eve.

– Jill

Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Frittata

Now, in fairness, any ol cookbook could probably tell you how to throw together a frittata.  But what I do continue to enjoy about the BLW cookbook is that it acts as a guide.  Helpful suggestions as to whats suitable for babys to have a go of, and added options for variations on the recipes.  Mark made the basic recipe and added in orange pepper.

It was a success.  Yussssss!  We’ve been experimenting with the fork a bit recently. So this was good for stabbing bits and pieces.  The child has atrocious table manners, so we’ve either been putting food directly on the table in front of him, or pre-loading spoons or forks.  If he doesn’t want whats in front of him he just swipes the food off the table onto the floor.  If he gets hold of the plate or bowl he tips it down his front.  I have to work that one out.  Any tips?

Have you noticed the pattern in our house?  I have a notion of what I might cook and look at about 6 recipes then make it up out of the fridge/my head.  Mark picks a specific recipe and heads to the supermarket.  Which is why he has made nearly all the stuff out of the cookbook, and then I write a flimsy post about it!

On the plus side, as I type this, I have homemade baked beans in the oven.  But I put in pinto beans not haricot beans.  What?  WHAT?


epic fail


What's not to love?

Puff pastry tart thingys, with passata, goats cheese/mozzarella and tomato.  I wasn’t ready for such rejection to be honest.  I can’t work out if the first bit was a too hot and that put Dom off trying anymore, or he really thought that a plain ol’ rice cake with a bit of cashew butter was a better dinner.  His father was pleased enough, he polished off about one and half tarts.


me on diet. this is better.


Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Macaroni Cheese

#let it snow let it snow#…hang on, i mean, #snow snow go away#

Sure who has time to be cooking dinner and blogging when the country’s covered in a fluffy white blanket/lethal ice rink?  Between trying to get in and out of work on time and uninjured, it’s really all about lazy dinner & takeaways come the evening.

Oh. Wait, that was every year before this one.  Snow can’t stop us when we have a small human to feed well and keep extra safe and snug and healthy in this horrible weather.  Damn this ongoing parental responsibility lark.

setting off

There’s a split in the camp over popeye pasta.  The menfolk are still happily wolfing it down, but frankly, I’m heartily sick of the stuff for now.  Luckily Mark has found an equally dairy-filled comfort food.  Good thing too, as I had a strop over his intention to make Tuna & Tomato Pasta (BLW cookbook).  So on the opposite page lay a recipe for Macaroni Cheese.  Dominic ate an adult portion nearly and the same again for leftovers today.  I steamed some broccoli to go with it, because personally I crave veg with dinner almost always.  It was really tasty, though I’d like to look up a non-baby focused version of this – I’d say it could be even thicker and richer (and probably, boldly, saltier).  My only previous experience of macaroni cheese is Kraft Dinner.  Weird, tasty stuff.  I think i’ll leave Dominic discover that on his own come J-1 time.