we have an idea

Hello all!  I’ve been very busy with my friends in the creche.  I’ve turned into a little savage I love my brekkie and now I love my lunch too.  It’s because I’m so busy playing and crawling and now I like having a good stand up too.  It takes a lot of energy so I need a lot of food.  My bockles are getting smaller and I’m eating more proper food.

my berry nice beard

Daddy was making my breakfast last sunday, and I was shouting at him to hurry up.  He was making pancakes, which means its the weekend which is when it isn’t a creche day.  I had already eaten all the plain yogurt already.  He went off running up to mama which is what he does when he doesn’t know what to do and then he came back and everything was okay. We had blueberry yogurt in our pancakes instead and they were still yum.  So now we know.  I had lots of berries with them too and my handies and face were funny colours then.

– Dominic


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