Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Macaroni Cheese

#let it snow let it snow#…hang on, i mean, #snow snow go away#

Sure who has time to be cooking dinner and blogging when the country’s covered in a fluffy white blanket/lethal ice rink?  Between trying to get in and out of work on time and uninjured, it’s really all about lazy dinner & takeaways come the evening.

Oh. Wait, that was every year before this one.  Snow can’t stop us when we have a small human to feed well and keep extra safe and snug and healthy in this horrible weather.  Damn this ongoing parental responsibility lark.

setting off

There’s a split in the camp over popeye pasta.  The menfolk are still happily wolfing it down, but frankly, I’m heartily sick of the stuff for now.  Luckily Mark has found an equally dairy-filled comfort food.  Good thing too, as I had a strop over his intention to make Tuna & Tomato Pasta (BLW cookbook).  So on the opposite page lay a recipe for Macaroni Cheese.  Dominic ate an adult portion nearly and the same again for leftovers today.  I steamed some broccoli to go with it, because personally I crave veg with dinner almost always.  It was really tasty, though I’d like to look up a non-baby focused version of this – I’d say it could be even thicker and richer (and probably, boldly, saltier).  My only previous experience of macaroni cheese is Kraft Dinner.  Weird, tasty stuff.  I think i’ll leave Dominic discover that on his own come J-1 time.



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