Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Frittata

Now, in fairness, any ol cookbook could probably tell you how to throw together a frittata.  But what I do continue to enjoy about the BLW cookbook is that it acts as a guide.  Helpful suggestions as to whats suitable for babys to have a go of, and added options for variations on the recipes.  Mark made the basic recipe and added in orange pepper.

It was a success.  Yussssss!  We’ve been experimenting with the fork a bit recently. So this was good for stabbing bits and pieces.  The child has atrocious table manners, so we’ve either been putting food directly on the table in front of him, or pre-loading spoons or forks.  If he doesn’t want whats in front of him he just swipes the food off the table onto the floor.  If he gets hold of the plate or bowl he tips it down his front.  I have to work that one out.  Any tips?

Have you noticed the pattern in our house?  I have a notion of what I might cook and look at about 6 recipes then make it up out of the fridge/my head.  Mark picks a specific recipe and heads to the supermarket.  Which is why he has made nearly all the stuff out of the cookbook, and then I write a flimsy post about it!

On the plus side, as I type this, I have homemade baked beans in the oven.  But I put in pinto beans not haricot beans.  What?  WHAT?



3 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Frittata

  1. We’re practicing with cutlery at the moment too and my solution is to put a small amount of something relatively easy to get on a spoon or fork into an empty yogurt pot. DS then holds the yogurt pot in one hand and spoon or fork in the other. He’s so busy and so excited about feeding himself from the little pot that he doesn’t think to upend it or throw it until he’s full.


  2. Ha! I think I jinxed myself. Today the novelty of the yogurt pot wore off and we ended up with him painting a masterpiece in yogurt all over himself, his high chair, and the kitchen table!


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