Number 1 top recipe


shovelling: fastest method of eating

We had a quiet few days or so food-wise with Dom being sick & getting over being sick but this week he loved 2 things – the tuna croquettes from the BLW cookbook, and a veggie shepherd’s pie out of my head.  A review of the former is to follow, and the recipe for the latter when I remember what I did!

In the meantime I’ve posted these before.  In a lazy move, I’ve decided the recipe needs a reprisal.  I have justification, they’ve gotten the most feedback of any recipe on here on the mum & kids forum I usually frequent.  So go ahead, make them, and enjoy!

Amy’s Best Pancakes (feeds Erik, Amy, Siggy & now Mark, Jill & Dominic ) (adapted from Gourmet)

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 large egg, slightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed with a fork (you can leave out the banana and the ‘cakes are still good but the banana adds fluff and the perfect level of sweetness)

Whisk together all ingredients and drop by 1/4 cupful into med-hot frying pan, greased with vegetable oil. Flip when cakes begin to bubble. Flip again after 30 seconds or so, but don’t flatten with spatula. Keep in a warm oven until all batter is used up. I usually end up with around 12 (give or take a cake) 3-inch pancakes.

Next move this weekend hopefully, is to make double the batter, make all the pancakes and try freezing them for snacks.*  I reckon they’d defrost super quick. Dominic gets his brekkie in creche, but he can get a bit whingey in the morning and we’ve found a snack does the trick to keep him happy, and occupied enough in his high chair that we can rush around making our lunches/folding nappies/digging out the bike helmets/whooshing the cats out.

So far we’ve been giving him a cheese straw or half a rice cake with almond butter but i’d like to see how the pancakes work as snacks, with a view to sending them into creche for him too (to ease the oft-mentioned Organix related guilt!)

– Jill

*I’ve 10 sitting out cooling ready to go in the freezer now. They’d better freeze well!


thirsty business

I’m okay fans!

Hello all, I’m feeling much better. I’m a bit warm still sometimes but I like the medsin, meddzen pink stuff I get when I’m a bit warm.  I point at it when I see it but then mama goes and puts it in the room where I have my bath so I can’t see it and then I don’t think to cry for it.   I’m really hungry and dada and mama are delighted about that.  Food over one isn’t for fun anymore you see, it’s a serious business.  When I was in the hopspital I didn’t eat anything all day until the very end and then when they saw me eat toast they sent me home.  Is eating toast bold like standing up hitting Iggle Piggle on the tv?

I ate lots of fud yesterday and none of it came back up in a big puddle out of my mouth.  I have made big puddles on my cot and my bedroom floor, and my chair and mama and dada’s bed and bedroom floor and the sofa, and the kitchen and everywhere I could think of.  So today I ate porridge for breakfast and I didn’t want much of my water.  But after I had a lovely long nap I wanted my sippy cup back and I had rice cakes with almond butter and some raisins at lunchtime, and a fruit pot and sweetcorn rings for a snack and then mama thought to make something she hadn’t made in ages which was spinach balls with pasta and courgette sauce .  It was yummy and dada loves it too.  mama left me some more for lunch today and dada kept eating them I saw him there better be enough for me because I AM BACK.

– Dom

eating is the sweetest sight

Dom had a bug, a vomiting bug.  A keep no food down-create 2 full laundry loads a day-be totally lethargic bug.  It broke my heart to see him muster enough energy to take his bottle or chew a bit of dry toast only to bring it all right back up.  This went on for 4 days, until he ended up in the A&E department on a drip to get some fluids into him.  Now he’s by no means 100% yet, but he’s keeping stuff down now, and this morning, eating our porridge together was the sweetest sight.  He’s sleeping like a fiend right now, and I’m still counting myself lucky that we only had to visit the hospital for a minor reason.

They let us go home after he was on a drip for 3 hours.  It was remarkable the change in him.  What swung them towards letting him go home was his reaction when he saw us eating toast.  The doctor saw him wheedle some of his dada’s slice and declared him well enough to leave.

toast, food of the gods

the holy grail: saag paneer at home (baby led weaning cookbook)

I LOVE Indian food.   Restaurant, takeaway (especially Bombay Pantry‘s Kofta Curry), curries at home.  It’s so good for veggies.  We’ve discovered through trial & error that Dom isn’t mad about hot (as in chilli hot) food.  Now I’m really cautious because I don’t want him to outright reject food i’ve just made so it’ll probably perpetuate the dislike.  But with Indian food we can keep introducing flavour with things like cumin & garam masala and coriander etc so it’s not like it’s bland food he’s getting.  Just not hot.

We’re well accustomed to making curries – veg, lentil, chickpea, bean etc – the odd biryani, and I like to make dhals.  But I’ve never cooked with paneer before though it’s one of my favourite things to order as a takeaway.  I spotted some in a Tesco I don’t usually shop in a few weeks ago and bought it with this in mind.  I haven’t seen it in any other supermarket since, but I believe making paneer is very simple – Jamie Oliver has a recipe in one of his first books from way back when.  Some sunny day perhaps…

Dom’s a big spinach fan, the little popeye head on him.  I’m thrilled about this frankly.  And now, unless the spinach is used in a salady way, I’ve been using frozen spinach.  It’s ridiculously quick to cook (defrost & heat really I suppose) so I used it in this recipe too.  When we’re just in from work and trying to feed the 3 of us asap, speed is often a priority while trying not to compromise on home-cookedness.

Because of the aforementioned heat-aversion I cooked a quarter of the chilli with the onion for a few minutes, then removed it before I added the spinach.  I don’t know if I’m fooling myself but hopefully that kind of thing will introduce a bit of  heat gently to his baby palate.

I yam what I yam and that's all I yam!

I know this photo doesn’t exactly scream enthusiasm for the dish, but honestly he ate all of it.  Every bit.  I think he was just taking a moment!

Next up, I’ll have to find a veggie kofta dumpling recipe.

– Jill

i am one!

I had a birthday! That’s when its the same day as the day you’re born except a year later.  It was lots of fun.  I saw all my cousins and my aunties and uncles (except nearly-auntie Brenda who was sick) and some of mama and dada’s friends and Lily and James who are other babies but not my cousins.

Mama and Dada made lovely food for my birthday party.  I couldn’t eat it all I’m not allowed eat everything yet.  Good thing  because I don’t think the adults left any spare birthday cake for me.  I had cheese straws from mama’s special cookbook for me.  I shared my food with the other babies and Opa who’s diabetic.  They’re yum and even though mama said they were party food I had them as a snack in the creche.   I think she might make them again, i saw her make them and they took no time at all.


cheese straws, in a box

Aswell for me there were carroty muffins from the same book.   They were tasty but I was busy with my new toys and books and all the excitement so I had fun smushing them into the floor.

My cousins had pizza at my party.  I think they would have preferred hammy ones I don’t think they think courgettes belong on a pizza. My mama would eat courgette on her breakfast she likes it a lot.   Mama was going to make pizza for the party too but dada bought some instead.  She made some before my birthday.  I didn’t have any.  I don’t mind because mama and dada didn’t really seem to like it either.  My special cookbook is sometimes great and sometimes not so great.  Dada said the bottom of the pizza was like scones.

I might make mama try and make pizza again because I loved it on our holidays in Italy.  She’ll have to find a new recipe.  Now, it’s past my bedtime.  Night night

– Dom

While Dom noshed on the above, we ate a very delicious non baby friendly birthday cake – Delia’s basic all in one sponge with fresh cream and raspberries in the middle and covered in chocolate topping from the Jamie Oliver party cake recipe.  It was so easy that I made two, one for family and one for friends the next day.

In a bold move, we drank espresso martinis (equal parts espresso, kahlua, vodka & white creme de cacao) – YUM!  In hindsight probably a bit boozy for a 1st birthday but there was only 1 per adult!

– Jill

Baby Led Weaning cookbook – Sugar Free Banana Bread

I’ve made banana bread before, sure I know what I’m dealing with.  This right here is my favourite recipe for it evhs. Good ol’ Delia – I’ve made it many times, and I can’t say that about too many recipes.  In fact I’m not sure I’ve ever met a banana bread I didn’t like. Until now.

please sir, can I have some sugar?

There was something missing, and patently, that something was sugar.  The mixture was very low in the tin, no matter thought I, it’ll rise.  It didn’t really, and one of the major disadvantages of the BLW cookbook is that there’s no pictures.  So I don’t know if it was supposed to be flat-cake or not.  Y’know, cake like a traybake type thing.  I suppose these kind of snacky things aren’t really aimed at me.

The positive outcome of this is that Dom genuinely liked it.  The child evidently doesn’t know what he’s missing in the sugary stakes.  I will make it again, as I’m having some guilt issues over our what looks like a sponsorship deal with Organix/Goodies when you open our kitchen press.  Freezing about half in slices is probably a good idea – it didn’t keep too well, and it didn’t go down well with adults.