i am one!

I had a birthday! That’s when its the same day as the day you’re born except a year later.  It was lots of fun.  I saw all my cousins and my aunties and uncles (except nearly-auntie Brenda who was sick) and some of mama and dada’s friends and Lily and James who are other babies but not my cousins.

Mama and Dada made lovely food for my birthday party.  I couldn’t eat it all I’m not allowed eat everything yet.  Good thing  because I don’t think the adults left any spare birthday cake for me.  I had cheese straws from mama’s special cookbook for me.  I shared my food with the other babies and Opa who’s diabetic.  They’re yum and even though mama said they were party food I had them as a snack in the creche.   I think she might make them again, i saw her make them and they took no time at all.


cheese straws, in a box

Aswell for me there were carroty muffins from the same book.   They were tasty but I was busy with my new toys and books and all the excitement so I had fun smushing them into the floor.

My cousins had pizza at my party.  I think they would have preferred hammy ones I don’t think they think courgettes belong on a pizza. My mama would eat courgette on her breakfast she likes it a lot.   Mama was going to make pizza for the party too but dada bought some instead.  She made some before my birthday.  I didn’t have any.  I don’t mind because mama and dada didn’t really seem to like it either.  My special cookbook is sometimes great and sometimes not so great.  Dada said the bottom of the pizza was like scones.

I might make mama try and make pizza again because I loved it on our holidays in Italy.  She’ll have to find a new recipe.  Now, it’s past my bedtime.  Night night

– Dom

While Dom noshed on the above, we ate a very delicious non baby friendly birthday cake – Delia’s basic all in one sponge with fresh cream and raspberries in the middle and covered in chocolate topping from the Jamie Oliver party cake recipe.  It was so easy that I made two, one for family and one for friends the next day.

In a bold move, we drank espresso martinis (equal parts espresso, kahlua, vodka & white creme de cacao) – YUM!  In hindsight probably a bit boozy for a 1st birthday but there was only 1 per adult!

– Jill


8 thoughts on “i am one!

    1. oh and don’t forget rice krispie buns, sure who doesn’t love them! i used dairy milk, but i honestly think good quality cooking choc would be easier to work with, i needed way more chocolate than any recipe (i know, i know, i needed a recipe!) called for in order to cover the krispies well.


  1. Happy birthday Dom! I’d say I can’t believe he’s one already, but then my little miss is edging ever closer to 11 months, so it’s not that surprising!


  2. Happy Birthday little man!!! Sounds like a great day. We’re planning Rían’s now – the cheese straws and rice crispie treats sound like a good idea – do you have recipes of those you might be able to send on to me?

    Thanks! x


  3. sure! the rice krispie buns are just chocolate & rice krispies. There’s a lot of recipes out there – I used this one without the marshmallows but honestly i had to double the choc amount using the dairy milk, so i’m not sure if thats the best idea. Also, the picture is misleading, they’re like rice krispie squares not choccy ones.

    this is paraphrased from the BLW cookbook
    cheese straws:
    50g (2oz) unsalted butter
    100g (4oz) plain flour
    50-75g (2-2.5oz) cheese, grated, to taste (i’d go for the upper end!)
    1 egg beaten,
    a little cold water if needed.

    preheat oven to 200C
    grease baking sheet
    sieve flour into bowl. cut butter into small cubes & add to the flour
    using your hands (pastry blender/processor – i used hands) rub together til it looks like fine breadcrumbs.
    stir in cheese & make a well in the centre.
    pour in egg and stir until mixture begins to form a dough, adding a little water if necessary to hold it together (i didn’t find i needed it)

    place dough on a floured surface & knead with your fingertips for a few mins until ingredients of are evenly mixed. (a few mins seems awful long, 1 min is probably enough) Roll the dough into thick pencil shapes 10-15cm long & place them 2cm apart on baking tray. (i made some shorter for babies). Bake for about 10 mins til pale golden in colour

    allow to cool slightly before transferring to a wire rack to cool.

    these are super quick & easy to make. brilliant snack as well as party food.


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