An establishment of ill repute…

Go on, guess where I am?

Today we drove to Belfast to procure our best little buddy’s new car seat.  As is by now tradition, every trip to the North involves a supermarket shop.  Usually, it’s straight to Sainsburys but without the currency and petrol price advantages of a couple of years ago we needed to try make some actual savings rather than buy every fancy snack goingm so we popped into an Asda instead.    A rather large 24 hour version, perfect for our needs, and in a small shopping centre.  Ah there’ll be a Costa, or some class of cafe in the supermarket just like Sainsbury’s there I thought confidently.

There was no cafe.  There was a grim eatery with old looking hot dogs in the run down shopping centre.  And there was a (sshhhhh) McDonalds.  Bless me Krishna for I have sinned, we plumped for the latter.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been inside one (though I do have an annual bean burger in Burger King).

Thanks be to JAYSUS I popped some soup & crackers into a bag ‘just in case’ for Dom this morning.   So he sat up resplendent in what must be said was a very nice highchair and ate every drop of his soup.  Phew!  I had the ‘spicy veggie deli sandwich’ which on any other menu might be appetising but this was a manky fried thing.

Me & husbag had big grumpy heads on us most of the way home, and I really reckon it was a combo of tiredness and bleugh food.  The boy slept soundly and soup filled in his new car seat.


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