He knows what he wants.


mwahahahaha! I am the boss

It’s time to hide the chocolate.  We have officially hit the stage of wheedling, screeching, begging, reaching.  And no, not just from me.  He’ll ignore his own plate for whatever he wants off yours.

Case 1: Treats. Oh, cake is it mama?  A biscuit you’re having dada?  And what have I? rice cake yeah? And you think that’s acceptable?

So I’m now ordering dessert in Dom’s presence based on what he can have some of. Which is currently limited to carrot cake. Because, y’know, it’s got carrot in it, so it can’t be so bad.  Luckily we had the nicest carrot cake ever in Melvins in Malmo.  So good we had it twice, given we won’t get to have it too often.

Case 2: Tofu Broccoli & baby sweetcorn – both things he loves, ignored. Fun slippy noodles – ignored. Terijaki tofu – he swallowed his (adult portion) in seconds, then stood up as much as he could in his chair to lean across to Mark’s bowl where there was several pieces visible to him.  So we ended up eating his veg and giving him at least half of our tofu, in Mark’s case, probably more.

Anyone any tips for food related toddler tantrums?  Cook more tofu I guess.


Can’t keep up.

A long time ago, back in the mists of time, I wrote a post about Dominic’s foodie accoutrements.  We’re overdue an update.  He loves to use cutlery now.  Not always for its intended purpose, but he’s getting really used to it either way.

Too much like hard work

The spoons we’ve been using till recently aren’t really doing the job.  They’re too small and shallow, so if he does get food onto it, it can often fall off on the way to his mouth. Frustrating for him, frustrating for whoever has to clean up afterwards.  So we’ve picked up a new big boy set of cutlery.  And, best of all, they’re Moomin.  I loved The Moomins when I was smaller.  I don’t know that they’re on english language tv at all anymore. Anyway I’m not the most grown up of grown ups and was very excited to see lots of classy Moomin merch on a recent trip to Malmo & Copenhagen.  And though I wasn’t willing to stretch to a €17 mug I don’t really need, a set of cutlery that will be used time and time again for about a tenner – no problem.  Sure it can’t all be Ikea.

Which brings me neatly to his nib’s bibs.  Ikea, Ikea, Ikea.  Bibetta ones are still good for drier meals, where they just have to absorb water spills.  These Ikea ones speak for themselves in the outfit-saving stakes.

Staying with Ikea, the Kalas range of plates & bowls get used a lot too.  They’re great for bringing out and about, and handy for snacks like some raisins or toast fingers.

We’re still using the Avent freezer storage kit.  I puree pear to mix in with natural yogurt & ground flaxseed most weeks, and these little tubs are perfect for freezing the pear.

More to come…

Giving it another go

There’s not that many things Dominic doesn’t like.  We offer things repeatedly that he hasn’t taken to but banana is always a fail.  The reason I tried again is that we were told he piped up “‘nana” in the creche at the sight of his little pal’s snack.   Well I thought if he’d added to his limited repertoire of words then he might be showing enthusiasm for it.  Like his true loves: ball, dada & ack acks.

Nana. No thanks.

This photo tells a lie.  He took one bite then broke the whole thing up.   We’ll continue hide the potassium powerhouses in his pancakes so…


The Monster from Planet Turmeric

Simpsons auditions this way.

We’re busy folk, me and mama and dada.  And even though I eat my lunch every day in the creche, we try and eat our dins together too.  It can be hard for mama and dada to cook. Whoever puts me on the bike when I’m done playing in creche with my pals brings me home and then makes food for us all.   When they’re cooking I like to help.  I used to sit and play in the next room and chat, but now I like to hang out in the kitchen. I open the cupboards to get things out that they might need and I see if there’s any bibs in the washing machine and best of all I hang out of mama or dada’s legs.  Mama says the cupboards are stuck a lot but I can see she has her leggy on the door.  Then I like to charge around with Mabel the Tiger, we like to check out the cat food and go into the bathroom aswell.  I don’t know why mama follows us around we’re only having fun and me and Mabel look after each other.

Mama has decided that sometimes in the evenings that we are in a big hurry we can have some of our dinner from a jar.  She says not too often in case of too much saltiness.  I put the yummy yellow food* all over my face. Dada made the rice yellow too to match.

I can’t eat everything that mama and dada eat. Or even everything other babies eat.  We had pancakes for brekkie in the creche, big flat ones. Some of the older babies had chocolatey spread like dada loves and maple syrup like mama loves.  But I had strawberries with mine and they were yummy.


(* jalfrezi.  dom had natural yogurt mixed up in his. – Jill)

Not too spicy, plenty of spices

As I’ve mentioned a time or seven, Dominic isn’t so into his spicy food.  But luckily, cutting back on heat in cooking doesn’t mean cutting back on flavour, or lovely Indian cooking and this weeks top fud reinforces that.

My absolute go-to cook book is this one. Much as I love my BLW cookbook, there’s some recipes that I just prefer ‘my’ versions of – dhal is one of those.  This book is bruised and battered and so it should be, this tome has travelled.  It was bequeathed to me by Brian & Nataly in New Hampshire, who owned 2 copies because they had different covers and hadn’t realised.  In 2005 me & Mark and the rest of (one of) the band(s) he plays with were staying with them for a couple of nights while they were on tour.  (I mention it because of how it highlights the contrast of pre-baby days with now!).  It came back to Toronto & then formed a large chunk of my baggage allowance back to Ireland when we moved home.

Luckily, I haven’t had to transcribe this recipe, I’ve found it elsewhere so cheers to that lady!  I don’t do peeling & deseeding tomatoes where possible so I’ve just used a tin of tomatoes instead.  I also had no limes to hand so used lemons.  And I used the handy coriander-in-a-tube thingy too.  This is a store cupboard type dish for me, and made it after getting me & Dom in the door from Mammó’s house with a car full of stuff and no time to think or unpack before dinner was needed.  See below the cut for the recipe.

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