The Monster from Planet Turmeric

Simpsons auditions this way.

We’re busy folk, me and mama and dada.  And even though I eat my lunch every day in the creche, we try and eat our dins together too.  It can be hard for mama and dada to cook. Whoever puts me on the bike when I’m done playing in creche with my pals brings me home and then makes food for us all.   When they’re cooking I like to help.  I used to sit and play in the next room and chat, but now I like to hang out in the kitchen. I open the cupboards to get things out that they might need and I see if there’s any bibs in the washing machine and best of all I hang out of mama or dada’s legs.  Mama says the cupboards are stuck a lot but I can see she has her leggy on the door.  Then I like to charge around with Mabel the Tiger, we like to check out the cat food and go into the bathroom aswell.  I don’t know why mama follows us around we’re only having fun and me and Mabel look after each other.

Mama has decided that sometimes in the evenings that we are in a big hurry we can have some of our dinner from a jar.  She says not too often in case of too much saltiness.  I put the yummy yellow food* all over my face. Dada made the rice yellow too to match.

I can’t eat everything that mama and dada eat. Or even everything other babies eat.  We had pancakes for brekkie in the creche, big flat ones. Some of the older babies had chocolatey spread like dada loves and maple syrup like mama loves.  But I had strawberries with mine and they were yummy.


(* jalfrezi.  dom had natural yogurt mixed up in his. – Jill)


One thought on “The Monster from Planet Turmeric

  1. Great photo! How has he managed to avoid his hair? Hair and eyes always seem to be the first two parts of my little guy that get covered in food!


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