Can’t keep up.

A long time ago, back in the mists of time, I wrote a post about Dominic’s foodie accoutrements.  We’re overdue an update.  He loves to use cutlery now.  Not always for its intended purpose, but he’s getting really used to it either way.

Too much like hard work

The spoons we’ve been using till recently aren’t really doing the job.  They’re too small and shallow, so if he does get food onto it, it can often fall off on the way to his mouth. Frustrating for him, frustrating for whoever has to clean up afterwards.  So we’ve picked up a new big boy set of cutlery.  And, best of all, they’re Moomin.  I loved The Moomins when I was smaller.  I don’t know that they’re on english language tv at all anymore. Anyway I’m not the most grown up of grown ups and was very excited to see lots of classy Moomin merch on a recent trip to Malmo & Copenhagen.  And though I wasn’t willing to stretch to a €17 mug I don’t really need, a set of cutlery that will be used time and time again for about a tenner – no problem.  Sure it can’t all be Ikea.

Which brings me neatly to his nib’s bibs.  Ikea, Ikea, Ikea.  Bibetta ones are still good for drier meals, where they just have to absorb water spills.  These Ikea ones speak for themselves in the outfit-saving stakes.

Staying with Ikea, the Kalas range of plates & bowls get used a lot too.  They’re great for bringing out and about, and handy for snacks like some raisins or toast fingers.

We’re still using the Avent freezer storage kit.  I puree pear to mix in with natural yogurt & ground flaxseed most weeks, and these little tubs are perfect for freezing the pear.

More to come…


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