He knows what he wants.


mwahahahaha! I am the boss

It’s time to hide the chocolate.  We have officially hit the stage of wheedling, screeching, begging, reaching.  And no, not just from me.  He’ll ignore his own plate for whatever he wants off yours.

Case 1: Treats. Oh, cake is it mama?  A biscuit you’re having dada?  And what have I? rice cake yeah? And you think that’s acceptable?

So I’m now ordering dessert in Dom’s presence based on what he can have some of. Which is currently limited to carrot cake. Because, y’know, it’s got carrot in it, so it can’t be so bad.  Luckily we had the nicest carrot cake ever in Melvins in Malmo.  So good we had it twice, given we won’t get to have it too often.

Case 2: Tofu Broccoli & baby sweetcorn – both things he loves, ignored. Fun slippy noodles – ignored. Terijaki tofu – he swallowed his (adult portion) in seconds, then stood up as much as he could in his chair to lean across to Mark’s bowl where there was several pieces visible to him.  So we ended up eating his veg and giving him at least half of our tofu, in Mark’s case, probably more.

Anyone any tips for food related toddler tantrums?  Cook more tofu I guess.



3 thoughts on “He knows what he wants.

  1. I think that’s my favorite photo on the whole site!! Brilliant!

    I have no tips about dealing with food tantrums. Except maybe to just ignore them. Sometimes if I get really interested in my own dinner, he starts to eat whatever he’s just been refusing when he thinks I’m not looking!


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