oberjeen yum.

a new favourite?

Today is Gud Friday.  Mama didn’t think it was Gud Friday though because she went to work.  My creche was closed and I spent the day with dada which made it a Very Gud Friday.  But then I went to see mama at her work because me and dada were out and about.  I did some running around in the kitchen at mama’s work until I made a new friend called Lily.  Lily wanted to give me crinkly crisps but mama wouldn’t let her.  Instead Lily fed me her whole yogurt and then gave me her apple too. Mama got her a creme egg to say thank you.

When mama came home from work I was shouting a lot. I was very hungry even though I had snacks after my nap. Mama made us all pasta with strong flavours. Thats what dada called it. I don’t think he really liked his.  She left some with no sauce for me in case I didn’t like sauce but I really did. (goats cheese, black olive, garlic, sundried tomatoes – in place of anchovies – in this recipejill) I ate the pasta with the sauce and then something new aswell I haven’t had before which was very tasty. Oberjeen. Dada didn’t like his oberjeen so I ate some of it too.  Mama said some people call it eggplant.  I like eggys but this isn’t like eggys so that is a silly name.



4 thoughts on “oberjeen yum.

  1. Those of us who also had to work were calling it Bad Friday 🙂

    Zoë is also loving aubergine recently – we’ve been having veggie moussaka (with lentils) a good bit and she loves it.


  2. Oh sorry, just noticed your reply now and I’m afraid it’s a bit of a makey-uppy recipe – I make a red sauce with some sauteed onions, peppers and courgettes chopped small with tinned tomatoes, garlic and herbs and add in a can of lentils; slice an aubergine and grill the slices; make Delia’s bechamel and then do one layer of red sauce, one layer bechamel, one layer aubergine – repeat, top with grated cheese and bake for 45 minutes (or less, depending on how thoroughly I’ve grilled the aubergine as I usually get impatient and they need more cooking 🙂 ).


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