une ode à beurre d’amandes

I’ve mentioned a time or 7 how much we love almond butter right?  We go through jars and jars of it really quickly.  It only comes in a small size and is over €4, not like its more popular peanutty cousin which comes in everything from thimbles to buckets and in every brand.  Creche suggested that we send in a sandwich for a snack for Dominic, which left me a bit at sea.  Mostly our bready products live in the freezer so I don’t have the means to make baby-sambos each morning.  We keep a brown sliced pan for toast (and for duckies), and bags of bagels and pittas for me and Mark to use for packed lunches.  When we buy fresh bakery bread on the weekend whatever isn’t scoffed right away that day, is, you guessed it, frozen.  I’ve sent in a couple of pitta cheese sandwiches but they’ve been hit & miss.  So we settled on 1 unsalted rice cake, slathered in almond butter, and quartered into 2 wee toddler size sandwiches now go in with him every day.  Tis far from that we were reared.  I would appreciate easy suggestions for this make at the start of the day savoury snack category actually….

before & after

So the other day I made what has become a staple meal in this house – stir fry with simple creamy almond butter sauce.   I’ve blogged about this before, but Adventures in Veg updated the recipe and we’ve starting making it the new way which I find not as intense flavour wise but is a better texture and goes further.   The only substitution I make outside of the suggestions is to use maple syrup instead of agave.  I’ve just never bought the latter, and we do always have the former. (pancakes anyone?)

This time I used quorn pieces, onion, peas, yellow pepper & rice.  Its whatever veg we have plus rice or noodles.  But  I have to say the rice increases the clean up factor by approximately 1 million.




3 thoughts on “une ode à beurre d’amandes

  1. Hey there,

    What do they feed him in creche normally and when is snack time? A sandwich sounds like an odd snack to me? What about fruit – cut up grapes (little man’s fave right now), apples, etc? Sliced peppers with a dip? Or scones baked at the weekend used as snacks? Or thick soup? A hard boiled egg? Crackers and cheese? Raisins and yogurt? 🙂


    1. Oh he does have other snacks too – its just that ours were all tending towards sweet things. We send in 3 snacks every day – 2 from the following: cut up grapes, sliced kiwi, raisins, natural yogurt with pureed pear or berries. He’s stopped eating the little organix rice cakes, so I needed to send in something savoury aswell. He’s physically able for a little sandwich – needs to be squished down a bit so it stays together though and he may just pull it apart I could try make some scones on a sunday evening alright maybe cheesey ones. Though I still think they’d only be good for 2 days. Might have to do midweek baking, shock horror!

      I don’t think he’s every had hard boiled egg, must get Mark to try him with that. I hate any just egg thing but scrambled eggs!


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