Mulligatawny and rye bread, why that’s a mouthful!

can't say its name but i like it

From a quick perusal of the BBC food site, Mulligatawny is a fine veggie prospect and there’s lots of recipes out there for it.  However, we’re rather fond of our weekend morning cookery shows round these parts, and it was from Saturday Kitchen that Mark took this particular recipe.  Please ignore the 4 whole quail (!), and the garnishing onion rings.  Does anyone ever do garnishes if they’re cooking for people that live in the same house as them?  I mean, I’d stretch to a bit of chopped parsley or coriander, but life’s too short to deep fry a decorative onion ring.

The path to lunch almost got diverted, as I lifted the lids on the various pans to explore/commandeer activities and spotted some distinctly un-red lentils.   Hardened veggie that I am, and being in possession of a pair of eyes, I know my lentils/colours apart, and despite husbands cries to the contrary, there is certainly NOT a reddish tinge off the green lentils, and if you move the jar of green lentils slightly to the left in the cupboard, you’ll see a bag of bright orangey red lentils not really at all hidden behind it.  Perhaps they cast a hue across the green ones.

Anyway, unintentional ingredient substitutions and omissions aside, this was as dinner of a soup so it was. Atin’ & drinkin’ in it.  The curry powder gave it a lovely kick, softened slightly by a big spoon of natural yogurt stirred into Doms.  It was a good thick texture and excellent grub for spooning by oneself.

We ate it with a Lidl Artisan Rye loaf.  The words ‘Lidl’ & ‘Artisan’ should be an oxymoron, but their newish bakery sections (in some stores) are full of gorgeous treats, from pumpkin seed loafs to gouda rolls, to chocolate croissants.  I could see no loaves over €2, and no pastries over 69c.  They’re baked on the premises and everything we’ve tried so far has been really really good, and far less dependent on white breads compared to other higher end supermarkets (Superquinn I’m looking at you) bakeries.

69c pastries mean 2 each per adult unfortunately.



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