Too sweet for a lunchbox treat

Yum, for mum.

As I type, I’ve 2 sets of fresh baked goods cooling in the kitchen.  Trail mix bars, and yogurt & raisin cupcakes.  Both are Annabel Karmel recipes.  Poor Dominic hasn’t been well the last couple of days and I thought I’d make a treat for him.  The trail mix bars I had admired when a colleague had them in work.  He admitted to me that his daughter (same age as Dom) wasn’t actually getting any, but that him and his wife love them.  I’m inclined to feel the same – there’s Cheerios in them, oft lauded as a good toddler snack, but I find them too sweet to eat for breakfast so if they’re too sweet for me, then they’re too sweet for Dominic.   I think I could probably find plain ones in a health food shop though, which would work.

There’s honey which I’m okay with now he’s 16 months, but then lots of added sugar also.  She also suggests salted peanuts and chocolate chips as an ingredient – I stuck to seeds & dried fruit.  Even with that, these ones are strictly for parents.  I’d love a nice muesli bar recipe that was a bit more genuinely toddler friendly – anyone know of any, with no cheerios or copious amounts of added sugar? They seem like they’d be good for his creche lunchbox, which might be getting a bit boring.

Secondly I have the yogurt & raisin cupcakes cooling.  Actually, I’m lying, I just tasted the model one from the photo, it’s cool and it’s flippin lovely.  They’re from the Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner, but I can’t find the full recipe online.  They have ground almonds which I love for keeping cakes moist, and 150ml of natural yogurt.  These are relatively plain and don’t taste over sweet for their 175g sugar and would be good for a special treat

I’d love to know how you can successfully substitute for refined sugar in cake/bun recipes, even partly at least. Anyone?



3 thoughts on “Too sweet for a lunchbox treat

  1. I make this for Mae, subbing chopped dates for the chocolate chips:
    It’s for cookies, but you could probably also bake it into a pan and it’d be very cake-like.

    She also has a recipe for carrot cake that has no added sugar (search her site for carrot cake to find the recipe), but I haven’t tried it yet– I never have enough ripe bananas on hand!

    The animal cookies recipe is also very good– I also cut the sugar in that quite a bit (but not completely– I might try that next time).


  2. These look fantastic. I’ve since discovered from various baking related conversations that sugar seems to be the one ingredient that you can change the quantity of without affecting the recipe too much – compared to flour/eggs etc. Like my friend makes the Rachel Allen carrot cake, and halves the sugar with no problems. So I’m going to try that approach too.

    Apparently if you have overripe bananas you can freeze them to use in baking if you don’t need them right then – handy, because I won’t eat them like that ever.


  3. I have tried out a few recipies for various muffins, breads with vegetables, cakes and even if they’re labelled ‘healthy’ and even if they’re from Annabel K, there always seems to be a good bit of sugar in them!! It’s so annoying, we might as well go and buy readymade stuff! I’ve heard you can use Agave syrup which is meant to be better…but how are we to know?? I’m never brave enough to try to just leave out the sugar. Must do next time!


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