sharing our best buys

Good bye no.1: Dominic has taken to calling out byeeeeeee when either of us leave for work, when we leave him in the creche, when the cats go out, when we’re leaving the swimming pool.   He sounds kinda sarcastic actually…

official catalogue shot pose

Good buy no.2:  There was a sneak peek of this in last weekend’s post – the Gro Company chair harness.  There’s lots of portable high chair type things on the market.  I love the clamp on Phil & Teds ones and the strap on booster ones (Gro Company do one of those too).  But for sheer portability and really not minding throwing it in your bag just in case, as opposed to feeling you’re lugging something round with you that isn’t really needed, this one is the best.  I bought it in person in Butterslip in Kilkenny.  They actually got a write up in the Irish Times today too, so yay for that (the shop does belong to a friend of a friend).  It only cost us €14.99.  He’s safe and secure and won’t just randomly slip off a seat in pursuit of some errant food.  Also, I think it signifies ‘meal time’ as opposed to just please-sit-here-while-i-do-something which is a usually a Good Thing in Dom’s mind.

The cons: I will say, it doesn’t fit on every type of chair.  As far as I can tell the back needs to be wide the whole way up.  It didn’t work on seats where the back was a panel attached to the seat by a narrow post – the straps just slipped and the child wasn’t kept in situ at all.  As this is a reasonable flimsy item, it also won’t keep a child restrained if they don’t want to be.

.3l Sigg Bottle

Good buy no.3: A Sigg water bottle.  I’ve always liked these, but it was only when I saw my sister had one for her little girl who’s 3 months younger than Dominic that I went and got him one.  I bought it from this ebay shop, so it cost me €10 in total.  It’s brilliant specifically because the lid is attached and doesn’t sit gathering dust away from the bottle while the bottle slowly drips away inside my handbag.  The 300ml size is perfect for toddlers.

I love how they come in so many designs, yes there is pink fairy princess ones, and blue digger ones, but there’s also lots, like Dominic’s which are gender neutral.  His is ‘Little Panda’, and there’s also barnyard, whales, jungle and desert themes for those of us who don’t want to stick our little darlings in a box marked ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’ constantly.

The only con I guess is that it’s hand wash only.  That I can live with though.

Read about our earlier Official Dominic sanctioned Good Feeding Accoutrements here

– Jill


4 thoughts on “sharing our best buys

  1. We have the same Gro Chair harness! Gorgeous isn’t it?! We used it on holiday last year. I agree it’s very annoying that it doesn’t fit all chairs though.


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