Throwing. Not my fault.

Yesterday mama’s friend Tina from the internets asked her when I stopped throwing fud around.  Well I’ll tell you now, I don’t throw it around when I love it, like here where I’m eating fishy pie (Annabel Karmel’s Nursery Fish Pie).

I’m only learning to use my fork, do you like it?  I have them in all the colours.  If food falls off my fork it goes on the floor. That’s not my fault.

I’m good with spoon, but I get too much on it. Then it falls down me and on my chair and on the floor.  That’s not my fault.

I throw the bits I don’t want when I’m full up of fud.   Or, when I dont want anymore I play drums with my spoon or my fork and I try to take mama’s too because hers makes more good noise.   That might make bits jump out of the bowl.  That’s not my fault. Sometimes mama sees when I’m finished eating and justintime she stops the fun and takes my bowl away.

When a cat goes by I might think she would like some mandarin so I give her some by lifting my arm up high and whooooshing it down and then the cat has mandarin on her.  That is my fault and then mama puts me down out of my chair.



6 thoughts on “Throwing. Not my fault.

  1. Absolutely right Dom. If they ask you to use these spoons and forks they can’t complain when your enthusiasm gets in the way a tiny bit!


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