yep we're those parents now

We went on our holidays.  Again!  This time we kept it local (reasonably) and went to West Cork.   We stayed in a gorgeous cosy holiday home which belongs to the family of a friend of mine.  We did a mixture of eating in & cafes & restaurants.  However the presiding memory of Dominic for the week, was the ever present plaintive cry of  “sack, sack, sack” (snack).


Raisins, grapes, sawbrees (strawberries), organix cheese n herb puffs/carrot sticks and the new top favourite:  Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie Fruit pouches.  We did a big shop on the way to the house, and as I threw treat after treat into the trolley for grown ups (cake, wine, crisps, assorted fancy things that don’t feature in our weekly shop usually) I thought Dominic could do with a treat too.  They were only 85c each so what the hell.  We deployed these mostly when the parents wanted a treat too.  A big creamy pint of Murphy’s shaped treat.  Trouble was he sucked them back in about 20 seconds, and then harangued us for more and more and cue 2 desperate parents mere sips into their ale trying to get last drops squeezed out for de child.

nyom nyom

Everything was done for convenience this week.  Dinners for Dominic were simple frittatas, pasta & fresh pesto, potato cake from leftover mash, bits of our grub when out.

He seesawed & swung for Ireland, met donkeys out on long walks, splashed around the beach in his new wetgear, played with the neigbours doggie, crossed the new bridge at Mizen Head, and fed the local duckies (mostly fed himself while watching us feed them). And with that much fresh sea air, his appetite wasn’t lacking.

howyis lads

We’re trying to get into snack control though!  He’s starting in the morning with a few dry shreddies, that’s before he heads to creche and eats 2 weetabix there.  Then this evening he had leftovers for his dinner, then a kiwi, then I made parental dinner after I came in from work, at which point he sat between us begging like a puppy from our forks.  After that?  “Snack?”  I wouldn’t mind but his 12-18 month pants are still falling off his skinny bum!

– Jill

I’m taking over

I know that mama and dada are always talking about those pancakes they make for me and for them too.  They make them every day that they don’t go to work except for one of the days when we might have porridge or weeties bix. The other day that they don’t go we have pancakes.

Sure I know how to make them now. I’m 20 months this week which mama says makes me a big boy but I’m her big boy and her little baby too which is confused. I climbed on my stool in the kitchen that the box lives on. The box that goes outside in the big green wheely box that the monster in the truck eats.

First I mushed the nana. I ate some nana too.  Mama thought I didn’t like it but I ate this bit.  I eat things now that I didn’t eat before like cheeseonitsown. I only liked it in dinner before.

Mama put the flower in.  It didn’t look like flower usually in my books n all flower is colouredy like the butterfly. Then she put in the eggs which looks like fun so I will do that next time and the yogy milk.  I gave it all a big mix and got some on my digger and my green nappy when I was trying to take the mix out to taste the pancake because it didn’t look like pancake to me.

I let mama put it on the sizzly pan aswell.  She made it hard because she held one of my handies and one spoon of pancake and kept shouting hot hot! hot! when I tried to let go of her handy.  But because she is big and lets me help her make pancakes now I will do what she says.

Everyone should have these for breakfast when they don’t go to work because they are num yummy.