Wow! Who is this super healthy mum & her amazing eating toddler?*

Fame at last

*Eek!  It’s me!

I just got a text from my nearly-sister-in-law (3 weeks to go!) to tell me that me & Dominic’s blog got a mention in today’s Irish Independent magazine.   Having stayed up til the unholy hour of 1230am – VdeP table quiz, we didn’t win –  then risen for teething & rugby by 6am, I’ve not been very tuned in today at all.  So this bit of news has dragged me away from a saturday night wine & telly slump, as Dominic is fast asleep as any 21 month old should be & can’t be disturbed to blog.  Welcome any and all new readers!

I feel slightly fradulent here – Dom’s going through an awfully fussy time this week – 2 lower incisors are to blame, but in general, he is getting harder to please.   He did chow down on sweet potato wedges for lunch, but this evening he threw lovely courgette slices & sweet red pepper chunks (previous  favourites) across the table and proceeded to spoon out plain white rice for himself.  He may have had some creamy almond butter sauce but it definitely wasn’t intentional.

(One point to note, is that Dominic is not actually vegetarian, neither is my husband.  I never cook meat/fish, Mark does about once a week.  I fully intend to buy That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals for Dom though and guide him towards his mamma’s way of life…)


5 thoughts on “Wow! Who is this super healthy mum & her amazing eating toddler?*

  1. Sweet! Nice job – about time little Dom was recognised for being so clever 😉 Rían will have to try and hang out with Dom more, ride on his coat tails a bit, lol.

    Seriously though, congrats on the high profile mention. Well deserved.


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