I’ll have my own TV show next like Peppa Pig

Mama tells me I was in the paper.  Her and me. And she said that I had to eat all the fud she puts in front of me now because more people want to read about it.

But I just eat what I want and when I want.  Like last week when  Mama came to get me in creche and I had a biscuit and she put my coat on but I held on to my biscuit and she put my bike helmet on and put me on the bike and I still held onto my biscuit and I ate it on the way home while I looked at buses and I didn’t drop any apart from into my tummy.

Do you like my tattoo? Dada took it gone now.

At home I don’t like when they put me in my chair and don’t sit down and eat with me. Sometime dada stands at the Hot and makes a mess for him and mama’s dinner and they give me what we didn’t finish at the dinner before.  I might have a shout and throw myself about a bit until they sit down. Or else maybe I do colouring if I’m not hungry yet.  I can climb into my chair but not out so I am stuck. Then they sit down and they talk and it’s not about sand or playdoh or snacks or Timmy Time or anything so that’s when I decide I will eat my dinner.  The other day I had fish pie and that’s when we had different dinners because mama doesn’t eat fishes but dada makes it and I love it.

I like when we eat all at the same time and then I can eat from any of our plates.  We have 5 plates, I counted them like this 2, 3, 5!  I am getting good at numbers.

Sometimes now when I eat my dinner up I get squeezy cold fruit for my sore tooths from the freezing box that my magnets live on.  I know it’s there now so I’m going to ask for it all the time.  Even though mama eats some on me.

– Dom


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