Christmas. There’s eating and drinking in it.

There comes a day, around this time every year, when your stomach yells STOP! Put something good in me, please!  Today was that day.  I can’t say that Dominic was as gluttonous as his parents over the last few days…at 2 weeks off age 2, I still have reasonable control over his diet.

Tucking in. Twice.

We had our Christmas Day feast in my sisters house – 7 adults & 6 children (3 aged 1).  Fair play the sister. (We tried a creche-style babies table, but somehow they don’t seem to behave as well for their parents as their minders!) Though I think he skipped the ham mostly, after 2 plates of traditional Christmas fare, he had his very first ice cream all to himself.  And then the next day he had his second!  He knew what he was at too, any offers to ‘help’ were swiftly met with a shrieked “MI-INE”.  I don’t even know why I bothered with the napkin, not a drop was spilled.

Mine, all mine.

So today it was time for some super-dooper not doused in oil & roasted, or mashed up with butter & cheese type grub.  Even Dom ate a leftover cold roast potato while I made our porridge this morning.  But after a month or so of picky eating, he’s on a roll at the moment and is a pleasure to feed.  Really hope I haven’t cursed it there.  So here’s tonights healthy option – I made lots to eat cold with friends tomorrow too, and my measurements are very loose, so I would probably half this for a small family meal.

  • Cook up 400g bulgar wheat with 4 tsp marigold low salt stock & the juice of a lemon.
  • Dry toast a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds.
  • Bash out the seeds of one large pomegranate. (we had some left from a Christmas day starter and the seeds were ready in a sandwich bag, hallelujah cos this is a messy job).
  • Saute a pepper & an onion chopped small, in some olive oil & add a tablespoon of cumin seeds.
  • Fry up some quorn pieces in sesame oil and add plenty of soy sauce.  I didn’t give Dom too much of this.

Whack them all in together.  That’s a bit Jamie Oliver, sorry. Stir them all together & serve.  Add some more lemon juice to taste.  I cooked some spinach and swirled it up with Dom’s too.

Excuse the poor food photography, it was a really lovely colourful dish.

Bulgar wheat with pomegranate

And, because that was all a little too non fatty, Sir had a cheese plate for dessert.  Well, “2 CHEESES 2 CHEESES”, and in his hand not on a plate. I’m delighted at his current cheese love though, for ages he just wasn’t interested and cheesencrackers is his number 1 snack right now.


I think the only thing, the ONLY thing to look forward to about next week’s return to routine is the reinstatement of self control.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some chocolate tree decorations to eat before we have to pack the whole shebang away for another year.