We’re not well…

Oat & Raisin cookies

We’re not well.  Poor little guy has an ear infection, and I’m flattened by a cold that I can treat with nothing stronger than hot honey & lemon. So friday was a day at home for both of us.  I think I could never be a stay at home mum, it’s so hard when you’re sick!  But I figured we’d have a day of quiet activities, Pixar and hopefully a long nap.  2 outta 3 ain’t bad…

In the morning, I decided to do some simple baking.  I found this Oat & Raisin cookie recipe while browsing Mummypages.ie & it looked a really easy one to share with the young fella.  There’s a shocking amount of tasty looking recipes on there, I’ve bookmarked it for another day.

I'll just have one of these

As his mood wasn’t 100%, and lets be honest, nor was mine, I did a little prep work while he was parked in front of Mr Tumble.  I beat the butter & sugar til it was soft (I probably went about 10g light on the sugar because I was going to let Dom have a treat of these).  I weighed and decanted the raisins, sunflower seeds and add 25g of desiccated coconut (because why the hell not).  I also weighed out the flour, oats, bicarb & salt into another bowl.  The beauty of this recipe is once the butter & sugar are ready, the rest of the ingredients can all go in together – I think its a bit soon to make a toddler gently fold anything…

Bitta vigorous stirring
Nice and even

He popped up onto his chair, enthusiastically pouring each bowl of ingredients in turn. I helped him with the stirring as while they all sat on top he was more interested in retrieving the raisins from the bowl.  They were ready in no time at all, just 13 minutes in my oven.  They do need to rest & cool down a bit as they’re still very soft when they’re cooked, and seem to need to solidify a little in the cooling.

uh-oh. biscuit refusal

After the shortest nap in the world, he woke up like a bear. I offered 2 very special things.  Finding Nemo & a biccie.  He loves that fish.  But ignoring a biscuit!? If he hadn’t gone to the doctor yesterday I’d have whisked him off there and then.

i am two!


I am 2 now and my mammy said I could have some treats on my birthday. Last year I had lovely things that were treats too, but they didn’t have as many colours.

We had popcorn which my cousin Ella likes best better than crisps, and jelly snakes in a bowl. When I had my first jelly snake before my birthday I played with it for aaaaages and did “ssssss” n all. Then I taste it and it was yum so now I know to not do “sssss”ing and just eat them.

In contemplation of cake

I love Handy Manny and Yo Gabba Gabba and especially singing songs with mammy and daddy. I like the song about Incy Wincy spider and Electric Cars  and not going to work  and living on the moon but nearly most of all I love Elmo songs and I listen to them in the car or look at them on mammy or daddy’s phone.

Mammy made me Elmocake for my birthday they were yum and red like elmo and I could eat his eyes and his nose and his mouth and his red fur and it made my face red and it made me run around for ages with my cousins.

There were cookies too that my Oma and Opa who can’t eat many treats can eat but they still tasted yum.

She made cake that was chocolate and biscuity too and it was so nice that she’s going to make it for my Uncle Jamie’s birthday and he’s not 2 because he’s tall like daddy. He is having his birthday party on saturday when I don’t go to creche so I hope there are treats there for me too.


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