Tomato & Aubergine Curry with Quinoa

One of these weeks, we’re going to do a meal plan.  We’re going to online shop and get it delivered in a late night cheapo slot.  Then we’re not going to phone each other at 5pm saying “any thoughts about dinner?”.  We’re not the worst in the world for store cupboard ingredients and there’s nearly always assorted fresh veg in the bottom of the fridge so I can usually rustle up something but it’s often a bit meh!

This tasty curry came from one of those evenings – sometimes I do hit the nail on the head.  After a lazy day out and about having fun I had a craving for something ‘good’ to eat.  The child is gone crazy for ‘teetos’ (potatos) lately so I’m trying to balance it out with slightly more exotic meal-bulkers hence the quinoa!  There was an aubergine in the fridge and a quick google led me to this tasty Aubergine Curry with Fresh Tomato.  You’ll notice I’ve switched the name round in the post title, that’ll be because I only had 1 aubergine handy, large though it was, it didn’t deserve top billing.  I added in mange tout to bulk up the veg quotient.

See, I have to show off these things, to balance out the chips & a 99 days.  Dominic absolutely lapped this up, and I loved it too.  Where possible, I don’t fry aubergine slices – I coat them with some olive oil using a pastry brush & stick them under the grill, turning once.  You get more done at once, they don’t need such careful minding, and they don’t soak up as much oil.  Whether you consider that a good thing or a bad thing now, is up to you…



4 thoughts on “Tomato & Aubergine Curry with Quinoa

  1. That looks delicious! I used up my aubergine in oven roasted ratatouille the other day. I tend not to fry aubergine either, though less out of healthiness than the fact that I’m too lazy to stand over a frying pan doing multiple batches. Instead I slice or cube, then roast in the oven. Even with only the tiniest drizzle of oil it comes out really tasty and without that awful slimy texture it can sometimes get from too much oil.


    1. oh thats a good tip. Yeah they do tend to get slimy which is fine in some dishes but not when it supposed to be a ‘light’ ‘summery’ curry!


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