Baking frenzy

Poor lil’ D had a wee bug this weekend.  He was sick friday & saturday, and luckily a good bit improved by sunday.  I’ve gotten quite good at dealing with weekends of nothingness now.  Before every bit of me would pine to be out and about, and that is still preferred, especially with 3 hours to bedtime when Dom is feeling well enough to be playing and get cranky and housebound but not well enough to eat or go anywhere.   Still, I battened down the hatches after a trip to Lidl & did a baking & cooking frenzy.    I was never a girl guide, but they must have some sort of ‘Irish Mammy’ badge and they’ll be round with it this week I’m sure.  Because I made my First Ever Apple Tart and it was delicious.   Actually I might not get that badge, because I made it in a tin and not on a plate.   Then yesterday I made a veggie lasangne, or just “‘sagna” as Dom called it. Or, “no ‘sagna” if I’m really truthful.

Recently I discovered a new to me blog, and I’m really looking forward to working through lots of the recipes over there.  What had caught my eye were the Mini Spinach & Feta muffins as I’m always looking for good snack ideas & we’re clearly going through a spinachy phase.

I think mini muffins are very small – like, bite sized, so I doubled the recipe and made 18 large bun sized ones.  They required about 5 more minutes in the oven for this.  I also used 1 cup of plain & 1 cup of wholemeal flour (remember I doubled everything) just to healthy them up a bit more.  Frozen spinach did the job here, I thawed it in advance then sautéed it slightly in butter & garlic as per the recipe.  And, having taken a commenters on the original recipes views on board, I added about half a teaspoon of nutmeg in too.  Sure it was still sitting out from the sauce for last nights lasagne, why not?

So far I only have the true opinions of 4 thirtysomethings (including me) who seemed to like them (well I definitely did!).  The 2 year old excitedly asked for a cake and was a bit confused/disappointed with it not being an actual cake.  Well there’s one going in for his creche snack tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes!  I’m going to freeze a few of these in the hope that they’re his new favourite thing, if not, I’m happy to eat them too.

I think these would be really good for starting out baby led weaning – a great little out & about lunch especially.  Probably best to get in there before they have cake-shaped expectations!

Next up and currently cooling are lemon butterfly buns, but they’re adults only…

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