Everything changes. A bit about best practice and current weaning guidelines.

I’m at an inbetweeny stage feeding-wise at the moment.  I have a toddler who does 2 things all day in creche: eats and talks – then comes home and does the same – and an almost fully cooked bump that won’t be leading me towards weaning for another 6.5 months approx.  So I hope to maybe diversify slightly in the blog’s subject matter for a bit, with food and nutrition still being my primary interest.

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Dragging my heels. And my arms, and my brain…

Each day I watch new and interesting parenting blogs pop up around me, with prolific postings.  I know that they’re also pretty busy mums, working in and out of the home and taking care of their little ones so I hold my hands up and say ‘I could do better’.  I’m just going to plead the well worn 3rd trimester excuse.  I’m so tired!  So, so tired!  By the time the toddler wrangling has been done, the dinner tidied up after and I’ve watched my obligatory hour or so of telly, that’s all folks! (No, I won’t ditch the telly)

Luckily we’ve had some fabulous weather in the last month.  All the outdoor activity has given us one hungry little boy.  “I’m hungry mammy” he says, directly after his dinner. “Sssssnackkk” the second he come home from creche (having been eating a slice of toast when he was picked up).   But I know on these mild and dry days that he’s spending good portions of his day running, digging, jumping, sliding, bouncing and causing general mayhem whether in creche or at home with us, and the effect that is having on his appetite is quite startling.  I try and resist snack requests unless I genuinely think he’s hungry or it’s going to be ages yet to dinner, because I don’t want food being a default go-to when he’s a bit restless or bored.   But hey, what’s another mandarin on your way to 5-a-day?

Looks can be a little deceiving

One recent recipe I’d high hopes for was Chickpea Burgers that I saw on RTE’s Kitchen Hero.  I quite like Donal Skehan, his recipes are simple and unfussy.  In this case I felt – though they formed wonderful little firm patties and didn’t crumble into the oil – that simple equated to just a bit bland frankly.  So I think I might try his method again, but add more spice and flavour somewhere – maybe aim more for a falafel flavour?

What I did learn from the same episode was that a simple sauce of natural yogurt & garam masala (and mint, I added some mint too!) is absolutely spot on for a veggie burger, a chickpea dish, a salad dressing – I’ve used it in a multitude of ways since.

Pictured above is the burger with the dressing, and a pumpkin seed roll.  Words can’t describe how I love the 39c rolls from the Lidl bakery section, just try them.  Now, funnily in the intervening weeks since we had those, Dominic has become quite the sandwich connoisseur but at the time I knew he wouldn’t pick up a burger and eat it.   So, unfortunately, as I laid out his burger, with new potatoes and baby corn and baby yellow tomatoes, I realised I had just created the most banal looking dinner plate you ever did see…

Hmm, it’s a bit beige?

…He did eat all his veggies though!  Anyone got any foolproof veggie or chickpea burgers they’d like to share?