Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Guest Post: Pregnancy #2 – A Different Ball Game Altogether

Last week I wrote a guest post for one of my favourite new blogs – Mind The Baby – about how the first and second pregnancy differ from each other.  I’ve since had baby number 2, another fantastic little boy. (In fact it all kicked off about 4 hours after I hit ‘send’ on the post!)

So now I’ve come out the other side  and I’m in the newborn whirlwind. Forgive me if I’m a little quiet for a while, in the meantime, go have a read of what I write when I’m not writing about grub.  And when I’m 41 weeks pregnant, and very tired.

Sandwiches. A Journey.

not too hot

Mammy is mad for making me try new things.  Her and daddy eat sandwitches but I like to just eat the bits out of it and then other bread on it’s own with NO BUTTER unless I do want butter in which case they better know that I wanted butter that time.  I like bagels a lot with NO BUTTER.

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Heady hazy days

The forecast keeps saying rain.  And it keeps being warm and mostly dry.  So I’ve had to keep a good stash of cooling snacks to hand for after a hard day’s play.  I’ve frozen Innocent Fruit Tubes  and Petit Filous Frubes.  In our house these are known as “a lick” and “a yogurty lick” respectively, stemming from us asking him “Can I have a lick?” as soon as he started in on one.   I bought ice lolly moulds that turned out to be way too big.  When your 2 year old actually offers you some of his icelollypop you know it’s too big.   So off I popped to Homestore & More and picked up a tray of 6 little rocket shaped ones – much better for toddler paws.

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